Sunday, 5 March 2006

Fantastic Saturday

Had a really good day today.

Went out to lunch with some work mates and we had a ball. We went out to lunch with them and then back to one of their houses and we made up Fiona as she was going to a wedding so we did ringlets in her hair and her makeup and she looked fantastic afterwards. We are going to do this more often as the four of us got on so well. It was really good to go out with them and not having to talk about weight or kids and just have some fun. We sat around laughing our heads off and my tummy is so sore today from all the laughing and fun we had.

When I got home the boys and I went for a bike ride 5.9 kilometres it was fantastic. Quinn is usually really slow and today he went like speedy gonsalis he he he.

Went to bed at 6.45 as well because I was feeling soooo tired.
(p.s writing this on sunday he he he)


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