Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Lost!! Lost!!

I lost!

I went to my weigh in today and I lost.

I am still not feeling very well.. had tonsilitis since Sunday and this afternoon after work I had to have a sleep before going to the weigh in.

I am so glad that I lost this week. Hubby and I went out for dinner on Saturday and I was worried that I wouldn't lose but I think I made good choices because it worked. Been drinking more water this week and I still hate it he he he.

Went to L.E.A.N this morning and was happy with what we did but this afternoon I have been having major MAJOR pain in my shins. I think when I was running I went down too hard on them when going down the hill. I don't know if it was just because I have worked out muscles I don't usually in the skins or if it was do harsh and I didn't bend my knees properly.

I find it quite astounding how running is something you have to learn. I mean I have never run before and there is an art to it that is for sure. If you don't run right you get out of rythmn and if you put your legs down wrong (like I did today) you can cause pain. I am quite excited about the fact that I want to learn to run. My hubby thinks I am strange (in a funny way) because I have never wanted to walk let alone run. But it is a challenge for me in the next year. I do think it is going to take years but I am willing to try. Not tomorrow though as I want my shins to feel better he he he.

I have changed my hours as I have said before and tomorrow is my Friday he he he and believe me it can not come fast enough.

Wow a Thursday and Friday off woohooooo ... can't wait. I am going to have Friday to be! TO BE wooohooo.

So did I mention that I lost tonight WOHOOOOOOOOOO

Love ya all


Debbie said...

Hi, I've just started adding a bit of running (well jogging I guess) in to my exercise and it is so rewarding, and actually if you keep at it you do start to see improvement quite quickly - not that I plan to enter a marathon or anything!! Great job on your loss, you are such an inspiration, I love coming by to read your blog.

Karen said...

Woooohooo on the loss hun! You seem to be going so well on the L.E.A.N course and it sounds like a lot of fun... and yes I have heard there is a technique to running - its not as simple as it looks but am sure you will master it in no time at all.

Felicity said...

I'm not a runner and never will be even at scholl I couldn't run for peanuts, only time I remember running and getting somewhere was if I had done something wrong and was running away from a smack bum and then I'd get a second one for running away so soon learnt that wasn't a wise idea.
Only 36 sleeps till I come to town SO LOOKING forward to meeting. Will be so AWESOME but I best get a wriggle on weighin soon. HUGS

Emily said...

Well done on your loss, great news.

I'm so jealous about your 4 day weekend!!

Leyanie said...

Well done on your loss, that is fantastic. You look forward to your weekend too, sounds like you'll have a bit of time on your hands. You are doing so well, and congrats on the running. I haven't quite plucked up the courage to do that yet.
Cheers ;-)

Jodie said...

Well done on losing!! Can you tell me what L.E.A.N stands for? Take care. You are definately sounding a lot more positive and I hope the tonsils clear up soon and your back to 100%!! XX

Tracey Anne said...

Hey, congratulations on the loss! Woohoo. :D
Some day I'd like to learn to run too... Maybe by then you'll be an expert and you could give me some tips?
Keep up the great work.

Leighanne said...

I thought jogging would be easy too - and I am finding it really hard...you are doing so well, congratulations on the loss:)

Missy said...

Congrats on your weight loss!

A Girl Running said...

Wow, I am so excited to read about your running and your message on my blog. You know I have been using my weight as an excuse not to get back into my running since I moved here but you have totally turned my thinking
Your the inspiration now :)
thank you

I hope your feeling better, take it easy on your shins (you stretch right?) and congrats on the weight loss

I can't wait to read more about your running and as soon as it's stops raining I am going to get out there and let you know how I go.