Saturday, 25 March 2006

Training a blast

I am so proud of myself today!!

You will have to read to find out why he he.

Went to do groceries today and that took us an hour and it was good to get away from the kids for a while and spend time with hubby.

Had lunch when I came home and then I syked myself up to do a walk. I was supposed to go and do a walk of 4.5km today so that I could build up my training for the 10km. But I started and got to about 4km's then went to go home and thought NO I have more energy I think will keep going around and walk until I can't anymore.

I got almost home and felt quite dizzy but that was because I had finished my water and didn't have anymore but then about 5 seconds later I got like a second wind and a boost of energy and I cruised on home... so guess how many km's I did..

7.4 kilometres in 1 hour and 25 minutes. OK that is a long time but with practice before the Huntly Marathon I will do this. I cannot believe that I walked that far. I mean it is twice the km's than I have been doing and 40 minutes more in time but I can do this... I know I can and 6 weeks to achieve it. I am loving the challenge and striving for something and not just feeling like I am stuck in a rut doing the same old routine. I didn't realise until today how much I have improved.

Hubby at dinner took my hand and said "I am really proud of you!" I felt like crying when he said that tonight because it meant a lot to me that he said that.I have worked out a little training program so that I can achieve this and with the event training I reckon it is going to be good.

The L.E.A.N event training is going to be good too and when we do the walk etc afterwards we are all going out for dinner etc and spend some time with each other to congratulate each other. It will be good to go out with these ladies as they inspire me so much.

Got back and had a huge bath and shower and had dinner and I am now feeling the burn in my legs and arms he he he. I listened to my music while walking and boogying on down and singing (I think quite loud) and someone walked past me smiling... didn't realise they were behind me he he he oh dear... I was having fun he he he.

I have been feeling a lot hungrier lately that is for sure and I know because of doing more exercise but been craving more sweet stuff. I have to try and control that.Anyway I am going to watch the NZ netball in the commonwealth games now.


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Karen said...

Once again hun - WOOOOHOOOOO fantastic effort with that walk! You are doing so well - I am so proud of you!