Thursday, 30 March 2006

Last Post

This is my last post!

Good bye


Anonymous said...


Karen said...

What on earth??? Whats happened hun??? I do hope everything is ok... Will drop you an email later on.

Tracy said...

I have lost your email address but I hope you are OK. You have been doing so well lately & I have loved reading about how much fun you are having with your family. Please email me if you want to vent

Leighanne said...

I hope nothing is wrong - You have seemed so happy and motivated!! I don't have your email ad mine is

Anonymous said...

oh no what happened you are doing so well

Leyanie said...

It doesn't seem like you to be this abrupt. What has happened?? You gave me great advice on my blog and you are such an inspiration to all that read your blog.
What could possibly happen in two days to make you leave a post like this?
You are in my thoughts
*hug hugs*

Sandra said...


A bit concerned like the others.

Good luck for the future.

Princess Crankypants said...


Really hope that you are ok....

Debbie said...

Hi ChubbyMum, I hope you are ok? I've been reading your blog since you started (just a bit shy at leaving a comment!). Anyway, I miss you and wish you all the best. Would love to hear that you are ok.

Tina :) said...

Hi chubbymum,
Thanks for leaving your kind message on my blog. I hope you are ok. We have been thinking of you on the ww boards. Take care.
See ya Beesknees Tina:)