Sunday, 5 March 2006

Sunday fun day

It is only 3pm and we as a family has achieved so much today.

Got up and had french toast with all of us at the table it was great and Corbin said to us "so how has your week been?" and we all just cracked up because he sounded like he was the grown up.

After that we all went down to the lake to walk around it. Now last year in October I could do it in 50 minutes and I was soooooo tired afterwards but I achieved it. Wellllllll drum roll please we did it today and the boys were on their scooters and I did it in 40 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes. Hubby and I were talking and wondering how far it really was. He reckons 3km's and I reckon it was 4.5km's so we thought hmmm after lunch we would come back without the boys with our bikes and see how far it is because I have odometre on my bike. So we did the walk around the lake with our bikes and it was 4km's so I have done 4 km's walking and 4 km's biking today. Feeling quite rushed with adrenaline today. Especially about my weight, I am feeling good about the food and about my exercise in the last couple of weeks.

When we were walking around I started jogging along the boardwalk and the boys were trying to catch me and the couldn't woohooooo it felt good I didn't think that would ever happen. When we came around the corner a guy saw me running and said to me.... go mum go!!! hehe he I was laughing so much. I stopped and my oldest son went past me... he said he won.. but I said nope nope nope... I just stopped he he he then he laughed. It was great.

My friend Aroha turned up on Friday night for an hour with her family and she kept saying how good I looked it was such a rush that is for sure. Plus when I was dropping Corbin off at school on Friday I had 7 mums come up and say how good I was looking. OMG it was great!!! I was wearing a black singlet with sequins on the chest and at the bottom and black pants a lovely shirt opened up on top of it which was pale yellow's and greens and I got so many people saying that I looked fantastic. I went to work and the parents there said the same thing. I felt like I was glowing or something... or maybe there was a sign saying look at me look at me look at me he he he he

Anyway going to cook a casserole and then watch Sky High with the boys.

It is only 3pm and I have my PJ's on already (and they used to be tight but are now baggy as he he he wooohoooooooo)

Might write later.



Ang said...

Oh that is just soooooo cool!!!!!

Isn't it funny how many people comment when you are walking or running. Its nice tho.

You are obviously doing so well, nothing can beat that feeling of success.

:) Have a great week

Felicity said...

couple of great post wow what a fantastic weekend u have had.

Karen said...

Woooohoooo what a great day you have had hun! Sounds like you had so much fun! :) And yay for compliements too - we all seem to be getting them more frequently now which shows us how far we have all come!
Have a good week

Emily said...

OMG, laughing so much at your PJs at 3pm, sooo funny!!

Sounds like a great weekend, well done on your improved walking time and all your compliments :-)

weightylady said...

GO CM!! ;-)

You are doing so well! I love the LEAN course you talk about, sounds really good. Your motivation is inspiring! Keep it up!

Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog! You are a sweetie. ((Hugs))

And Kiwi's abslutely rock!! :-) Only 4 weeks til I am in NZ, Can't wait!

Hope you have a week as great as your last has been!

Take care!

Tracey Anne said...

Oh WOW you are doing so incredibly well! It is so encouraging to read about people who are having such great success. Really proud of you for your amazing exercise lately. And you are getting the results so congratulations!
Hope you have a great week.

Anne said...

Your posts make me smile - sounds like a fun filled house!

Great going on the exercise also the compliments that you are getting!!!

Leighanne said...

You are sounding so happy!! I love that you are enjoying your family and life so much:)