Monday, 27 March 2006

Good Day

Had a good day today.

Boss and I talked heaps and got my new office half way sorted... still have to get the phone connected and the jetstream connected and then things will go off with bang he he he.

Enjoyed work and didn't leave till 5.15 when I was supposed to finish at 4.30.

I think I have so much more energy in the last week with all the walking I have been doing and I think it is because I am excited about a challenge.... It is scary thinking I am going to be walking 10km twice in one month but I hey if I achieve it what a thrill that is going to be.... plus getting to the finish line is what I am looking forward to. I am going to purchase some new sneakers in the next month as I have had my ones for a year now and use them every day so I am due for some new ones.

Ok the food hasn't been wonderful but I know I have to sort that out this week. I can't seem to balance my urge for more food when I am doing heaps of exercise... but I am starting to think about when the triggers happen etc

So excited about going to the L.E.A.N Event training tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a smaller group so that I can really take advantage of Joy's expertise. Tomorrow morning is going to be interesting that is for sure. In a way I am glad that Kris decided that it wasn't right for her, and is doing her own thing and going to the Beginners class because it is right for her and this is so right for me to challenge myself in what I want to do for a change as I am usually a follower and do what gets me to have company in exercise instead of doing it for me. But this is for me now and not because I wanted Kris for company (as I enjoy her company) but I can concentrate on doing this challenge and do it for me wohooo. Isn't lifestyle change an eye opener that you can do things by yourself and still enjoy it. I mean I used to think (last year) that I would enjoy exercise only if I had someone there with me but that isn't the case... exercise can be so exciting and fun and I think I get that now.

I think in the last week with the extra training by walking I have been concentrating on my muscles when I walk and focussing on how my body works under pressure has been such an eye opener for me. And I am enjoying it and buzzing he he he he.

Anyway I better buzz my way to watching Desperate housewifes he he he


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Karen said...

Enjoy LEAN tomorrow hun! Am sure you will have lots of fun cause it sure sounds like you do enjoy it each week.