Saturday, 18 March 2006

I am a sucker

Am I a sucker or what....????
I have volunteered for Corbin's soccer team as Manager of the team (not coach) just Manager because he got on the team that had 3 of the kids he played with last year and 3 from his class last year. It is a smaller team this year they decided they wouldn't have 16 kids and split them into two teams again they would have 8 and have goalies this year too. I just didn't want the same Manager as last year or I would have hated it. So said that I would do it just so she wouldn't and one of the other mums wasn't there to say she would do it either. Last year I could have slapped the woman for talking to us like kids. It was so funny because one of the other mothers last year said to her "I am not your 5 year old son and do not appreciate the tone you talk to me and the other ladies in" wow I just stood back and let them have it... I don't think she realised that she talked to us like that but now she found out and I was so glad about that because she was a little better after that.

So it should be a challenge for me that is for sure. Not sure if I am up for it but hey it isn't two teams anymore it is only 1 wohoooo.

I haven't been wanting to update lately as you can tell. Felt like I was a little too depressed and felt like you wouldn't want to hear it. Just because there has been a lot of people saying how positive the posts have been lately... so I haven't been feeling positive and thought I wouldn't post.

We are going out to dinner tonight for hubby's birthday (last Tuesday) just the two of us so I am looking forward to that.

Well I start my new position at work on Monday... yes you heard it right. Monday not Wednesday. I am now working Monday, Tuesday's, Wednesday's and I am happy with that. So Felicity when you come down we will be able to do something during the day on the Friday if you want he he he.

I have been caught in the middle of a lot of the stuff at work because my current boss didn't know it was all happening and they didn't inform her that I wouldn't be under her anymore and that most of the stuff I am doing will be done by her from now on. They didn't tell her and left it to me to tell her which isn't good practice that is for sure. They have also lost their parent room (which didn't get used anyway) and I have my own office now and I get a new printer, computer, fax, desk and chair OMG it feels so weird. I am happy that I have now got a job that my boss cannot take over and that is all mine but I am not happy feeling like I have been put in the middle of all this mess when they big bosses should have sorted it out with her first ya know.

I got some time to do my cards today... it was so relaxing being in my little room and creating. It was fantastic. I have made so many cards now... and now I have to sell them he he he. The green one is a little card (even though it looks big). They aren't my best by far but I am happy with them today.

Anyway I will update later after getting back from dinner.

Love Chubbymum


Hippygal said...

Wow girl cards look fab.... Hey might be in Hamilton on Sunday - will confirm later in the week, maybe we can catch up.
I will be in the Chartwell area.

Have a nice dinner :):)

Cheers Jaxx

Felicity said...

I yes awesome please please please will be great to catch up on the Friday way I am spending money lately wont be much to spend but would love to do the shops and just 'hang'out.
Cards are beautiful love the lavender one with the flutterbies

Karen said...

Well done on taking the challenge of team manager! Am sure you will do a great job :)
Those cards are wonderful hun - I so love the "friends" one - its the sort of one that Jude and I used to buy each other occasionally to say thanks for something one of us may have done! Though I do love all three of them and would buy them from you in a flash!
And hey don't worry about posting if you not feeling positive - this is your journal - you post what you like when you like and don't worry about us! :) We are here for 100% of the way!

a mummy losing it said...

They're gorgeous! Well done. Am glad to hear you arehappy with your new hous at work, hope the new position is great.

Me said...

Congrats on the new job - hope it all sorts itself out at work now.
Also - hope the soccer manager thing doesn't become too much - I know how full on things like that can get. At least you won't have to worry about someone talking down to you now !!!!
Love the cards - I used to do things like that - need to try to find the time and get back into it again - I found it very relaxing.
Have a great week !

M said...

Hey CM. You know that you can write anything at all in here. Good or bad. Yes it is fantastic to read the good, but don't ever feel like you can't use this as a space to vent. Especially if that helps stop a visit to the pantry.

Congratulations on getting the new position and new little office. It sounds like it is going to be something that is much more suited to you. It is not good practice for you to have to tell your old boss and I hope that she will see it for what it is and not hold anything against you. I am sure she won't.

WOW those cards look good. Will you sell them on a stall, or on the internet? Or do you have a little shop that will take them off you on consignment. They are gorgeous and I am sure they will sell quickly.

Hope you have a great week :D