Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Wednesday - First day at work

Had a meeting with one of the head bosses up in Auckland today where she was teaching me about the new job that I am doing.

It is all up in the air exactly what I am doing and what hours I am doing right now but in a way it is good because I this new job description is priority and the things that my manager gets me to do she will have to do herself or find someone else to do it... which is good because she tends to do it anyway because she can't delegate and let people do their own job.

So there is less customer contact and more working in the main office at work so I am not disturbed as much... feels like I am finally going to have my own job and not fear that everyone else is going to be doing things and I will have to fix up the errors and sort out accounts and learn soooo much more stuff like funding etc.

I might have to change my times as well which is worrying me at the moment because I don't want it to be 2 days work 2 days off and then 1 day work it is just too distrupting and I would rather work Mon to Wed or Wed to Friday. I would like to change to Monday to Wednesday as I hate working till 5.30 on Friday's that is for sure. Plus I might not be reporting to my Manager anymore either which I think would be good because sometimes she takes things sooooo personally that she doesn't like change.

Anyway I have rambled heaps... it is just a big thing in my life and until I can get it worked out the rest of my life seems a shambles ya know.

I did miss being able to go and talk to Tania about it today... usually I would go over there and she would listen and then we would talk about the problem and she would always come up with suggestions it was good to have a sounding board with her ya know. I thought I would go over to Kris's and talk to her after school.. it was good to be able to get it off my chest and tell someone what a disrupting day I had had, but with both of our kids around it wasn't that easy to chat but that was ok that's life with kids aye.

I can't wait to do our card class together next week. Kris and I are doing a 6 week card class and learning different things about cards etc. Actually I think the reason I am looking forward to it is because we don't have to talk about weight loss and it will be a creative outlet for us.

I am not unhappy about my gain last night... I would have liked it to have been a loss that is for sure but thinking about my week I can understand that a gain isn't that bad. I can't wait for next Tuesday to see a loss because I am going to have a loss that is for sure.

OHHHH God I want my work situation to be normal and for me to enjoy it.... it will happen I suppose.

I am doing 'The Relay for Life' this weekend and OH MY GOD I cannot wait till it is over so that I can get back to a normal life and not to be getting sponsers as it is one thing I cannot do... I hate asking for money but I have been doing the money raising stuff for the whole group and we have raised $5,000 and I haven't gotten all my sponsors ARGHHHH so if any of you feel sorry for me and would like to donate $10 or $20 donation please feel free to email me and I will send you a email from the 'Relay for life' website to be able to pay by credit card. So far I have 2 sponsors and I need 10 he he he I am a slack slack slack person... why is that????

Does anyone else watch Gilmore girls... it is like a repeat but OMG I love the way she is soooo weird or normal I am not too sure. Just that I would like to do what she is doing and feel free like she looks on the tv.

Anyway I am rambling... yep rambling....

Love ya


Felicity said...

so enjoyed Gilmore girls yesterday with all the references to Pippy Longstocking loved that program. They were watching a movie wonder if the video shops would have it. Hell I never did get around to sending my spnoser money for u will do it now. I see on xtra news paper that Christopers Reeves wife(that died yesterday) was a sponser for the Relay for Life.That was jsut so sad I blubbed my eyes out when I read of her death, she had been thru so much with Superman and now 2 yrs later she is gone and 13 yr old son.

Hippygal said...

Hey good luck for ther "Relay for Life" I am sure you will be fine.

Hey what type of tent did you get in the end:):).

Have a good weekend :):)


Helena said...

Gotta love a good ole camp out eh? Woohoo re the Relay for Life - our work hasnt organised the event this year for some reason ... hmmmmm - you'll have a blast!

Circolaine said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could set up your blog so that it enabled feeds such as RSS etc? That way I get notified when you have posted a new blog message. If you don't know how to do this, please reply here and I'll guide you. I enjoy reading your messages so that would be good, thanks.