Tuesday, 14 March 2006

My weigh in

I lost! Didn't lose a lot but I lost and I am happy with that.

I really need to sit down and think about what I want to do for the next year as I have still not gotten back properly on track and I am wasting my time now and I don't want that.

I have the exercise down pat and I am not going to concentrate on doing more than I am doing right now anymore. I am going to concentrate on other things to make it happen.

First is to get my goal sorted and sort me out.

It will happen... just need to find out the path.

Love ya all


Hippygal said...

Congratulations CM. With all the exercise on the weekend any loss is a good loss, cause sometimes when you do something lik that it can show up as a gain - so well done ::)

Have a good week Jaxx

Karen said...

Well done on the loss hun! And sitting down and working out your goals for the year sounds a great idea :)

Helena said...

woohoo - go girl! :)

Emily said...

Well done on another loss, and good on you for thinking about your goals and what outcomes you want to achieve. Good luck getting it all sorted :-)

Tracey Anne said...

Great idea to concentrate on your goals! You exercise has been AWESOME (OMG Congrats on going in the 24hr relay!! That's incredible.) so if you start focussing on other areas of life and weightloss, imagine what you could achieve!!
You are an amazing person. Keep up the great work.

Jodie said...

Just remember that any loss is a good loss so congratulations!!! Keep up the great work. Your attitude is completely different. You can tell just from the way you right in your blog that you are happier with what you are doing and yourself as a whole! Fantastic work!! XX

Me said...

YAY for the loss - good for you !
Keep up the good work and have a great week.

Leyanie said...

Well done on your loss! And it is true any loss is a great thing to be celebrated. Great idea to sort out your goals, I think it is something that everyone can benefit from doing in their own lives.
Have a fantastic week ;-)

fattyboombastic said...

Hey CM.. *hugs* Good to be back :) Awesome with your loss, congrats!! Keep up the good work, you are doing great :)