Tuesday, 28 March 2006

I am in the zone

I am in the zone... that is how I feel today.

Today has gone so fast.

Started off with going to the Event training L.E.A.N and it was fantastic and I felt like I achieved. I am doing this guys... I am doing this....

A year ago I started on the treadmill and the speed was at 4.2 and I was struggling. In the past year I have gotten up to 5.0 with 2.5 incline and that was just getting comfortable.

Well today Crusher (my trainer) was going to start me on learning how to jog on the treadmill. OMG I was freaking out when she said that because I am scared that I am going to freak out while running and can't change it back to a walk fast enough he he he and fall off the end he he he....

so she started me off slowly today and said that by next week she wants me to be able to walk up to 6.0 and so today I thought.... I am the only one stopping me and I did 6.0 for 1 minute (at 2.5 incline) and then went back to 5.2 for 1 minute and kept that going for 15 minutes. OMG I was sweating like you wouldn't believe.

The bunch of ladies in the L.E.A.N were so supportive today. I said something about how am I going to do this and one lady said "I am going to help you!" then another lady said "when she isn't helping you I will help you and then another lady said the same thing... OMG what a wonderful bunch of ladies to support me like that when they are there to improve themselves but still find time to help me out too.

I am going to do this event wohooo I know I keep saying I feel fantastic but I DO because I finally have an exercise goal and ways to achieve it and it is keeping me going. I plan my walking after work and weekends and time myself and push myself and I think I am FINALLY getting it... that I need to do this and the more I am excited about it the more I push myself the better I get....

Yeah I know... everyone knows if you do that it will happen but until the light bulb goes on then nothing can happen and you can't push it to happen.

I thought that I would gain tonight at weigh in but I lost... OMG I said to wendy (the weigher) "don't tell me I have lost" she said "you sound like you don't want to lose" I said "no it isn't that it is because I haven't truly tracked this week and I have done a lot of exercise and I usually gain when I overdo the exercise" my WW Leader said "don't say usually! because your body changes all the time".

Hubby said that he thinks I have just gotten it under control now with the food and exercise and I can have little treats and it doesn't affect me that much. I am not losing weight fast but I am still losing so that is what counts with me. If it takes 10 years to lose the weight then that is what is going to happen.

I am having so many compliments lately and I even got one tonight from my weigher... she said a lady that I used to know (from WW and from when my son went to playcentre) she saw me walking in the weekend and thought I looked fantastic and if Wendy saw me would she tell me how great I looked.

OMG that just made my night and the fact that all the people behind me in the line heard too was a little bit of a buzz because a lot of them are new so they look at me and think I have just started this journey and don't realise how much I have really lost... so it was fantastic.

What a day! What a fantastic day!

Event training was the best, Weight Watchers was the best and also I had a meeting with the big wigs from Auckland at work tonight too for a fish and chip night (don't fear I didn't have fish and chips I decided to eat when I got home woohoo) and it happens that one of my bosses I know from Auckland when I used to live there. And the big boss from Australia and one from Auckland moved me into my new office and set up my computer (how down to earth is that, they didn't have to do that). We sat down with a couple of wines chatting and getting to know each other and I had a great time actually putting faces to names.

Ok enough of my great day... I am going to sit down and work out my plan for the week and what I am going to achieve this week.

Love ya all


Karen said...

Woooohoooo on having such a fantastic day hun! And great news about the loss :)

Debbie said...

Wow what a great day you've had :) jogging on the treadmill is scary isn't it - I once made the mistake of looking over my shoulder - don't ever do that lol. Congratulations on this weeks loss - you're doing awesome!!

Erica said...

Well done! I can just feel your positive energy! :)

Erica xx

Tracey Anne said...

Wow, if only we could bottle your passion for exercise and sell it - we'd make millions! You're so amazing! I've been struggling with exercise lately - I think I'm bored. How do you do it?
Keep up the awesome work!!