Sunday, 12 March 2006

Sore Sore Sore

Well I did the Relay for Life!!!

Got there at 11.00am ready for the start at 12.00 lunch time. Our teams tent was up but the pergola wasn't so I helped with that (while it rained grrrr) but forgot to mention that I was dressed up as a daycare child he he he and had a wig with browny red hair with pigtails and freckles with my teddy bear PJ pants on, slippers and a big huge pink bunny and a oversized dummy hanging from my neck he he he he and believe me I got some weird looks while we were driving there...

I took my pedometer as I wanted to know if I achieved because sometimes just having fun can make your body feel like it has been in a train wreck.

I had the times 10.30pm to 11.30pm and 2am to 3am and 4.30am to 5.00am and 8.30am to 9.30am. But I did more walking than that as I walked around with some of the others as well. It was raining most of the time grrrrrrr and wouldn't you know it today when it finished the sun came out about an hour later grrrrr.

There was so much food and I don't thinkn I pointed the whole time but I didn't overdo it either and I did enough exercise to counteract it anyway. I am not worried if I loose or not this Tuesday.

My boys came down with my mum and hubby when the only time it was not raining and we watched the kids rock n roll group dancing and my oldest son Corbin was interested and we might get him into rock n roll and Quinn and see if they like it.

I got 20 minutes of sleep in 24 hours and felt like I was wet most of the day but it was good to get to know my work mates more because at work they are all with the children in their own rooms that I don't really get to speak to them. They are a caring bunch that is for sure but I still haven't changed my mind about my boss and what she is like. Sometimes the others have the opinion that she is a caring person but it is strange how I could see how selfish she was in the weekend and how only she matters and made a couple of the parent volunteers feel like they weren't contributing and got them really upset.

I managed to do 23,431 steps wohooooo for me. I can only manage to do 5,000 to maybe 7,000 a day normally so to do that many steps in 24 hours was amazing for me and I have blisters under my toes to prove it he he he.

So many people were doing this Relay for Life and they were all so friendly and I had a lot of people cheering for me while going around the track and a LOT of people coming up to me telling me I looked cute in my little get up he he he... I felt like a chubby bubby that is for sure but making friends and feeling like I didn't have to wear the clothes that others wear to fit in or something like that anyway.

The candle ceremony really got me quite emotional... they get tea light candles and a white paper bag with sand at the bottom... and on the bag you draw pictures and write on them. I did one with balloons for my Dad because he loved balloons and I wrote a message on it but when they lit the candles last night and then had the minute silence that is when I broke down. If my Dad was here now he would have been doing the survivors lap and he would have walked the whole 24 hours... I just know it. It made me miss him even more and I will be doing this again next year and hopefully another 20 something kilos less. Maybe I might do 12 hours out of the 24 hours next year and see how many laps and how many steps I can do.

Got home today and I have slept on and off all day and feel like I have been drugged all day.

But you know what I ACHIEVED I DID IT and it wasn't as bad as what I thought... I am going to find another challenge and go for it! But I will tell you after I have done it though because I want to achieve it first... as sometimes I feel like I need to conquer it first then brag about it (he he he) then also it is mine! It is my challenge... my challenge and my goal and I won't feel like it is anyone else's first and I am copying.


The Mumma said...

23,431 Step in 24hours..damn let me go work that out..

ok i just worked that out thats 16 steps every minute..Mate..thats amazing

Karen said...

Wooooohooooo mate what a fantastic effort! Well done! Am so proud of ya!

kelly_maree said...

Wasn't it such a wonderful event to be part of? I did the one in Invercargill two weeks ago. Luckily we had ok weather - no rain and no gale force winds that we had been having!

I came to your journal from someones (can't remember now!) and I want to congratulate you on how far you've come. Take a look back, see how much you've changed and you will know that you will get to your goal!

Sue said...

Well done CM, this is a great thing to be involved in AND you did lots of steps!

Jodie said...

Well done on such a fantastic workout!! All for such a good cause too! You must feel a great sense of achievement!! Good on you! XX

Emily said...

Congratulations CM, what an awesome accomplishment! Your dad would be very proud :-)

Helena said...

good for you chick, proud of ya and for such a great cause! *hugs*

M said...

Well done CM. These 24 hour walks are so difficult, but with support and friends and loads of fun it shows that you can do ANYTHING. Getting to goal is going to be the easy thing in your life chick, the hard thing will be to work out what to do with all the energy that will escape out of your body LOL.

You look great in the photo. Have a great week this week :D