Tuesday, 7 March 2006

End of another week before weigh in

Yesterday I decided that I was getting bored with the gym and there are many other exercises that I could do so I took Quinn (4 year old) around the lake for a walk and we went as fast as we could. OMG the weather was really windy and Quinn really enjoyed it. He was on his bike and singing the whole way in front of me. At the end of it I was buggered only because I had done the lake twice in the weekend. When we finished we went to get an icecream for my darling little boy and a Mizone for me and saw one of Corbin's friends mother at the cafe and she asked us to come for a coffee with her. It was great to sit and talk about things other than weight loss for a change. I really enjoyed the time.

The rest of the day was just spending time with Quinn and also making some more cards. Quinn was in my craft room making cards with me.

I must admit I have been anti-social the last couple of days... I just feel like I want to be by myself and do my cards. It isn't because I don't like my family and friends I think it is just wanting some time to be calm and to collect my thoughts. I don't know what I want to do with my year. I hate going along and not achieving something because we have one life and to sit back and not get out of my square is just getting to me.

I am achieving in my weight loss at the moment and I am happy with the amount of exercise I am doing. I do feel like I don't it to take over my life though. I want it to be part of my life not rule my life.

Went to the L.E.A.N course today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Got to have a chat with Dee at the start and she is an inspiration that is for sure and so encouraging. The rest of the lesson was me just focussing on trying as hard as I could but without putting too much pressure on my knee. I did the bike and water bike and jogging and walking sprints and also the rower. I enjoyed the rower the most because we did intervals where we did 500 metres then 1 minute you had to rest and then 500 metres and then 1 minute rest and then 500 metres etc etc and I did 2000 metres. I had a partner doing it with me and I managed to get a minute ahead and we started the same time... it was good to push myself so that I didn't think about what I was doing.

Lunch time today I went to lunch with Kris at Chartwell and had sushi... I was so full afterwards. I looooovvveeeee sushi so much just wish I had the patience to make it myself. It was fun to go out with Kris and talk about things other than weight loss (until the end he he he) we went to the book shops and got a couple of books and magazines and time flew past too quickly.... it was nice to be away from the kids and just be. I think that is what I need in the last couple of days is just to be me and not mum, wife, daughter etc..

Well tonight is my weigh in and with getting my mini goal last week I am not too sure how this week will go. I have been doing the exercise and I haven't been over the top with food but I haven't tracked as such. So we shall see if I have lost. I feel skinny today (until Kris's comment at Chartwell :-)..... so whenever I feel skinny I gain hmmmm them's the breaks.

Anyway will update later.

Love CM

Ok so I gained but I am cool with that.

I find that when I do more exercise in a week then 4 days of exercise I gain... so I am going to go with that this week and the gain wasn't much.

The best thing was that I sat down after getting weighed in and this lady sat down and starting talking and talking and talking and I just wanted to read my magazine and think about what I had done in the week to cause this little gain.

Well she then said "I have just come back to weight watchers and when I was here in April I used to listen to you in the meetings and WOW you have lost a lot and your face is slimmer and OMG you have a neck now and you look fantastic" I didn't know how to take that because normally friends talk to me like that and she seemed to feel free to say it... he he he it was fantastic so my little gain was nothing at all after that compliment.

I had a fantastic talk with one of my leaders too and she is just an inspiration herself as she has lost 55 kilos herself and she is trying to keep me inspired. I feel so relaxed telling her what has bugged me in the last week. I can't seem to write it in here at all.... but to talk to her today was bliss because... just because.


Missy said...

Hi again! It's been a long time, I know. It's me, Missy (mkia.diaryland.com) only I've gone to a new blog because I have new goals and such. But enough about that. I read your post and hear you all the way about not wanting the weight loss to take control of your life. Ayup. So, you know that I like to throw a twist into things, give you the flip side of the coin, so here's something to munch on. You're going through a radical change in your life (and I have to say, you look marvelous! what a change you've made since we last "talked"!) which means that you have a whole lifestyle, pattern to change in order to make your goal. It's going to take focus and it's going to take concentration in order for you not just to meet your goal, but to keep it too. Not to revert back to where you were at the start of this journey. This is, after all, a path you will want to erase and not travel along again, right? So while it seems time consuming, life involving, at this time, it won't be a way of life forever. Old habits are hard to break as are new habits hard to put in their place. But once you get over this hump, once you can eat and exercise without having to look up the points or plan and push yourself to get in your exercise, which will take a while since you didn't get this way overnight (how broken record is that?!) you will be able to move on. It's okay to mourn the loss of life as one that was free and involved more than one stream of concentrated thought, but let it go and let it fly because you know that it will be back. This is important to you and looking at those goals, there's a lot to come of this part of your journey, so take faith, chin up and RAH! YOU CAN DO THIS! :D

Karen said...

Wow I love what Missy has said.... it is all so true :)
Take care hun and don't worry about the gain - it was little and you will get rid of it in no time at all :)

Sandra said...

So you gained but you've lost over the past few weeks and I think our bodies all take time to adjust and need a little rest sometimes. I'm sure it will catch up next week.

You have done so weel and are an inspiration to people. Perhaps that woman at WW will stick it out this time because she sees how far you have come. I know I feel the same about the successful ones at Slimming World...

Tracey Anne said...

Hey, I love your attitude. The amazing changes you have made in your life are so much more important than a teeny gain on the scales. Keep up the great work! You are so inspiring.
Btw, it must be so nice to have people like Kris who you can hang out with in real life! Most of my friends don't really understand my weight loss journey, but at least I have the support of my hubby and other WW members. :)