Sunday, 2 April 2006

You WON I am back!

Hey everyone

Had a chat to hubby last night about the messages on the Weight Watchers website about why I had finished up... OMG there are so many things why I had decided to stop posting but I cannot mention in here you can email me if you want to chat..... so anyway thank you to the ladies for their concern and I was overwhelmed last night with tears in my eyes that people actually cared.

So anyway here is Saturday's day

Got up early and had french toast... he he he french toast but I enjoyed it and I pointed it.

Went out shopping for a new bike for Quinn today and we got one... we got a batman bike for him. He looks so cute. So we ended up going for a 3.5 km bike ride and it was a little slow but that was because Quinn was still getting used to the bike.

I managed to get time to make 4 cards today and was quite proud of them. I am so enjoying having the time to make my cards. I am glad that I have shown Kris how to make cards and told her about the card class I was going to as it has been good having someone I know enjoying craft as well.

I absolutly love that the study is now made up to have my desk all sorted with card making stuff... it can be quite addictive that is for sure. I get in there and I just go into my own world. I would really really really love to have a shop of my own and teach people how to make cards and buy what ever I want he he he he.

I am such a stationery aholic that is for sure.. I love buying paper and pens and things to make cards. I wouldn't mind doing a card swap sort of thing with people from different places around the world so that I can learn some techniques from them as well. Or maybe if you have a card that you have made you can send it to me he he he... if you want to then my email is he he he it would be so cool.

Every time I am out in a shop I think about how the thing in front of me would look like on a card. I know it won't make me a million dollars but it will make me happy.

So anyway after making my cards hubby and I went for a walk. Asked mum to look after the boys and we left at 4.55 and got home at 6.25 wooohoooo and we went for a 7.6km walk it was like bliss knowing that it was a little easier than last week. I went around the walk with the car with my mum to show her how far we walked and she couldn't believe we had gone so far.

I know I have to make 10km I know it is going to take a lot for me to do that because I am almost dead after a 7.6km. The L.E.A.N event training event is on May 7th and on that day I have to do 10km walk, 4km bike ride and a 2km row on the rowing machine. OMG I know if I push myself I can make the 10km walk but OMG how am I going to achieve the others.... I don't know if I can manage that in 6 weeks. It is scaring the hell out of me that is for sure.

If any of you know Karen please go to her journal and tell her how much we love her and don't want her to stop posting because she inspires me and I don't want to see her stop!!!

Love ya all and thanks for being here my friends... without you I wouldn't be achieving this journey.

Love Chubbymum

P.S if there are any of you out there that don't comment but read please comment and let me know you are out there... it makes my day.


Lynise said...

Hi there,
I am certainly out here and checking your journal all the time. Have left a comment in the past but know I should say hi a lot more frequently then I do. (will work on it so watch out for me) Had my own journal until diary x lost my posts and then crashed entirely and am thinking about starting one up again. Love reading what your doing and if I was closer to Hamilton I would be joining you on the L.E.A.N course. Take care

Felicity said...

Hun I am sitting here the tears are rolling down my fat face I am pleased you are back. pLease know we love you and can't do without your posts hell live was so empty this last few days thinking i wouldn't see your posts again kept coming back in to make sure u hadn't changed your mind so please u did...for my sanity thanks. Another big hug coming your way when I arrive.

Till then HUGS

Felicity said...


Felicity said...


Felicity said...


Felicity said...

get the message
comment heheheh

Trisca said...

Chubbymum - I'm a serial lurker on your blog but glad to see you're back posting!

Take care and hope you had a great weekend.. good luck in your training for L.E.A.N. too!!

Trisca.. xo

happy -p said...

Hey there,

I read, read , read, your blog all the time, dont leave posts now, but used to,. Keep on going, you seem to get so much out of blogging, Was surprised to see that you called it quits, but am so pleased that you are back,.
keep on smiling.

Karen said...

Woooohoooo hun - glad to see that you have decided to keep posting. I am still doing some thinking about my one.
Thanks so much for the email chat last night....

Debbie said...

Hi CM - Just checked in in case you were back and so glad to see that you are! Wow you are amazing doing so much walking and cycling- you motivate me to get back into it!

NatRat said...

Hi CM,

We haven't spoken before but I have read your blog a few times and was really concerned when I read your last post.

I know how you feel with people not leaving comments. I have become more of a lurker than a poster on WW because I found I wasn't getting replies. I would even reply to a thread then the thread would stop. I took a lot of this quite instead I started my own blog, which is mainly just for me. I know people have looked but no one has commented, yet I look at other blogs and they have heaps of comments. I have only started it, so it is early days.

But you know, if no one comments I don't care, it is a place for me to get things off my chest and talk about what is going on in my head and to me that is a really big help.

So I'm glad to see you are doing ok, your weight loss so far has been great...keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hi ya that is so awsome you have de4cided to keep on writing keep up the good work it is so nice to come on here and read your posts

Anonymous said...


I read everyday :O) you rock

Hang in there because you will achieve all you set your mind too.

A reader from OZ

linda said...

Hi, I'm also a bit of a lurker so nice to have you back.

weightylady said...

Hey CM

Just wanted you to know I was gutted when I saw your last post. Was so shocked I didn't even know what to say!
Then so happy when I got here today.
I look to you for inspriration and encouragement. I read your blog because you show the reality of losing weight. Ups and downs, losses and sometimes gains.. but you don't ever stop challenging yourself.

Thanks for sharing your journey with me. Please don't stop!


Leyanie said...

Yippeeee!!!! You're back!!!
*doing a little funky chicken dance*
You know what, I was so worried about your "last post", that I even started thinking that maybe someone had hacked into your blog and put that post in!
Obviously heaps of people are reading your blog and are thinking of you and think your awesome, so keep on blogging!
I will email you soon, to make sure you're ok.
LOL ;-)

Leighanne said...

Glad to see you back!!
I always read what you are up to - I love the fact that you are enjoying life, and spending time with your boys!

About the cards - I do cross stitch ones and they come out lovely:)

Anne said...

You know that I read your posts - but don't always get time to leave a comment! Pleased you had a re-think:)

Emily said...

Good to see you back - I thought it was an April Fools joke at first!!

You still sound really motivated and happy, so thats really good. Glad you are enjoying your cards so much :-)

Lynette-m said...

Dear Chubbymum
So glad you are okay. Nice to have you back. I have not posted to you before, but I have read your posts and was really worried about you.

Please take care.

Janene said...

Hi CM,

I'm also checking your journal all the time, but because it's usually from work I don't leave comments. I'm glad that you've decided to keep your blog going - to be honest when I read that last entry saying it was your last post, I thought that either someone else had hacked into your journal and written it as a prank, or that you were pulling an early April Fools day trick, so I didn't comment. It just seemed out of character for you.

As for your LEAN event, just keeping on training, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can get up to speed, and you've got six whole weeks to get there. And don't forget the extra adrenaline you'll have on the day which will help you to complete it.

Love the card swap idea, and if I was into that sort of thing I'd do a swap with ya. As it is I've got a whole lot of scrapbooking stuff here, waiting for me to go at it, but I just never seem to have the time or inspiration. One day...

Anyway, take care :)

Erica said...

Glad to hear you haven't left us CM :)

Keep on Bloggin'

Erica xx

Sue said...

You KNOW you can make 10km! 1 year ago I could barely make it around our 2km block, and now look what I can do. Need a photo of the new bike, please - with boy on board, of course!

Lyn said...

Hey chickey...

I went through a stage last year where if someone posted something negative about me it really effected me, to the point of nearly stopping my site. (In the end I did stop but for my own reasons not because of anyone else)

Anyway my point being is that they are truelly not worth it ... honestly!!! Life is so much more than some stupid comments made on a website. What does matter is who you are ... who you REALLY are. And by the amount of encouragement that oozes out of every part of you, almost every site I read has some nice thing written by you ... that's who you are!!! And that's ALL that matters!!!

Look above their words, you are better than that. By pulling someone down they are infact pulling their own character into the mud and everyone knows it.

I don't know what the actual comments were that were said but I hope that helps a little.

Stick in there!
Lyn :)