Thursday, 13 April 2006

Tap Dancing

Ok I am on the tap dancing thing again... Anyway one of the girls was complaining that we hadn't gotten together for a while to do anything outside of work... and I said that is because with the kids and with the gym it has just been too much for me... so anyway....

They were in the tea room and I said to them "are you guys interested in tap dancing" one of the girls jumps up and said "oh yeahhhh I have so wanted to do tap dancing". Her name is Fiona and she has done a lot of drama and dancing and she likes photography like me... when she goes on her photographic competitions down to Gisborne she texts me to ask me what photo I would take with the clues they give them... sooo much fun and I want to do it with her next year.

And one of the other ladies said she would do it as well. Fiona said "well now you have no excuse to go out with us....he he he" I said it wasn't that I didn't want to... so now I have 3 people to go with... OMG this is going to be so much fun. I am really sick of the gym and everything else at the moment it will be good to get out and do exercise and get away from all the negative feelings I am having there at the moment.... just because after a year I am a little bored that is all.

I am at work typing this today.. yep it is my day off but my boss asked if I would work 2 hours for her so she could get off for her Easter holiday as it is a long drive and sucker me said yeah that would be ok. I am wishing I said no because I had the morning shopping he he he had fun doing that and brought some things and then coming down from that to come here at work ho hum.

Everyone is so happy because it is Easter.. I can't say that I am happy... I get a pit in my stomach when long weekends come along as I hate the way people drive and how they don't drive safely and people die... I don't want it to be me.

We are going away on Tuesday (after the holiday weekend) camping and we are all looking forward to it. I have brought the kids some creative things to make just in case it is bad weather and some new books for them to read as well so that will be cool. I would like to just have the best holiday and relax and get back with being with the family as the last couple of weeks have melted into work and work and work and exercise and I want it to be more than that.

Anyway... talking to hubby tonight and I am going to do this weight loss. Yes I am going slowly! Yes I have sort of lost the mojo with the food and losing weight but hey it is coming off!! I have had 3 weeks of no gaining! NO GAINING!!! and I want it to keep going.

Have a Happy Easter everyone if you don't read me for the next couple of day. I leave on Tuesday for the camping trip woohooo.

Love Chubbymum


NatRat said...

You are sounding so positive lately, when I read your posts I can't help but smile.

You really are doing great, don't stress about the weight loss being slow...just think, you didn't put it on over night so it won't come off over night.

Enjoy your Easter & long weekend, and yes drive safely!

N xo

M said...

Happy Easter CM. Hope you have a lovely safe drive and that all the people you meet are also safe and careful. That's what I am wishing for me too :D

Karen said...

Happy Easter to you and your family too CM. Hope you have an awesome weekend and if I don't talk to you befor hand - have a great camping trip!
Yes I fear the road toll as well over these long weekends - at least the weather is supposed to be quite good so that should hopefully make things a bit better (fingers crossed).
Take care - love ya

Leighanne said...

Have a great Easter CM - hope you and your family have a great time away:)

Princess Crankypants said...

I agree, I hate the way people drive full stop. We usually travel on long weekends and as I am not able to drive long distances due to my sleep apnea DH has to do 95% of the driving.

I also hate being out of routine!

Have you heard of

I really want my house to be de-cluttered, then I think I could relax!

Anyway, this is your blog and I have taken over, love your blog and thanks for posting again.