Sunday, 9 April 2006

Not sure how I feel

I am not sure how I feel lately.

I think I have been on the computer too much with work and home and everytime I am on it afterwards I feel quite dizzy.... I think it might be time that I get my eyes checked again..

I am scared though... 6 months after me and hubby got married I had a scare.... I went to the doctors about the fact that I was having headaches and went to the A & E and they sent me up to hospital with a condition called Papaladema(spelling??) which basically meant there was pressure behind my eyes and they thought it was a tumor.

I went through a cat scan, lumber puncture and all the time thinking that I was going to was the scariest time of my life... it was the same time that my Dad was going through a cancer scare so I didn't tell them for 2 days because I didn't want them to worry.

So the scan came back normal and so did the lumber puncture... I had to wait for 3 months to get an appointment with a specialist and all to tell me that he could have stopped my worry at the time as he was on call and he could have sorted it out. I have a condition called Drusin which means I always have a headache behind my eyes, and I have funny shaped eyes. He said that his wife had the same problem. The funny thing he did was made me stand up and touch my toes. He said for a big person I am VERY flexible and not all big people have that.. he he he

So.... everytime I go to the optomistrist I go through the fear of them finding something else. So I haven't had my eyes checked for 4 years now because it is really traumatic for me so..... I have to go and get them checked again I KNOW I KNOW but it will be after Easter that is for sure.

Hubby and the family all have sinus problems today so I think that is also the reason for my dizzyness this week as it feels like my nose is blocked and it is the time of the year to get things like this.

So that is why I haven't posted in a couple of days... been fretting and also not knowing what to do! I have had plenty of advice but also fretting more because of my past and not because I truly think there is a problem ya know. Or it might be that my blood pressure is up again too... and I don't think that is it... I do think it is the sinus as they are clogged... I put vicks under my nose and my headache goes away for a while....

It might be because I am always indoors and haven't been out in the fresh air for a while.

Update.... went for a bike ride with the family this afternoon and it made me feel a lot better and then I got back on here and felt all weird again... do you think my body is trying to tell me something he he he he he.

Was watching the tap dancing on tv last night on a movie called bootmen and OMG it has convinced me even more that I am going to go and learn tap dancing and not let my inhibitions get the better of me. So tomorrow I am going to phone and find out where I can go and learn this so if anyone in Hamilton is reading this come with me!!! I would love to meet some new friends and have a great time... need to get some exercise that isn't the gym as I am getting bored with it a little... so come on Hamilton new friends....come with me...wohooooo. Plus watching "So you think you can dance" the guy tap dancing was just a joy to watch and look at how many calories he was burning woohoooo.

Not too sure about the food this week but hey I was sure that I was FANTASTIC with my food last week and I stayed the same so what will be will be. I was so naughty on Thursday night because of the soccer meeting and the parent/teacher interview I just didn't have time to cook and I DIDN'T chose wisely we had...... cringe...... pizza. But in my defence we haven't had PIZZA in like Forever and so the points will be high and maybe a gain but hey!! I am good and I gain or stay the same so why not have a little treat now and then. I don't have it every week or even every month so I shouldn't be feeling bad about it.... but I am ho hum.

I will leave ya with a quote: “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then when we summon the will, they become inevitable"


Leighanne said...

Tap dancing would give you a great workout - if I was in NZ I would come with you:)

Hope your headaches go away, you should really go get your check up (but you don't need me to tell you that!!)
Hope everything else is going well:)

Erica said...

Hey CM,

Good on you for chosing TAP DANCING of all things. I saw TapDogs live and I swear the next day I just wanted to learn tap dancing. Bloody hard work though!

Don't worry too much about the pizza. Work it into your points and if you gain you learn from your mistakes and move on.

Good luck with weigh in this week!

Erica xx

Leyanie said...

Hey There
Sorry haven't got to emailing you yet, but I was just checking into your blog when you mentioned about your eye problem. It may be the refresh rate on your computer screen causing you probs. Just something you could look into.

Karen said...

Like I have said in the past hun - if only we lived closer together and I would come tap dancing with you (oh except for the pregnancy at the moment) as I so would love to get back into doing that again!
*hugs* and yes please do get your eyes checked straight after Easter!

fitcat said...

Hey CM, just saying hello as I'm not fully caught up on LJs. I hope you get your headaches checked out and that they sort themselves out. :)

Emily said...

Oooh, I lurved Bootmen, Adam Garcia is such a hottie!!! And the tap dancing is great too of course!! Fantastic that you want to get into it, best of luck :-)

Good luck with your eyes too, I'm sure there is nothing to be scared about. I have an appt for next Wednesday night, and the scariest part for me is the bill!!!