Saturday, 15 April 2006

Friday & Saturday


We decided (hubby and I) to have some free time without the kids so my mum looked after them and we went for a bike ride.... so the decision was to bike around the 10km track for my L.E.A.N Event training. OMG when we went down to the river and back up again there was a hill. Now my trainer said it is a slight hil OMG OMG OMG that isn't a slight hill it is like going up stairs without the stairs there and it is straight up.... now when I say straight up I mean my toes were almost touching my shins that sort of straight up... I got up the top huffing and puffing and then burst out laughing... it was bad enough walking up it but I had to also take the bike as well... he he he he.

The rest of the bike ride was ok and the walk would be ok... just bloody long and I hope I make it. I brought 4 bottles of Mizone today (as they were on special) for the walk and hubby said that he would meet me around the walk with them and with some bananas so that I make it. I think the light headedness while walking is from not drinking enough water or an inner ear infection because it is only when I am walking that this happens.

So anyway we managed to bike the whole 10km and came home to have lunch and I just felt really proud of the fact that I had biked around the track especially when it was really hot hot there. What fabulous weather I must say.

After lunch we we out to the lake to walk around it. 4 km in 45 minutes as we took it slowly and there was SOOOOOO many people out there being Good Friday etc. I think maybe I overdid the day as it was a warm day but I felt good afterwards.

Went to bed early last night while hubby was in the spa bath because I was bored... I didn't feel like making cards and I didn't feel like watching tv... so tried to have a good sleep.


Had a relaxing morning making eggs for Easter with the boys. They blew out the eggs (so we could have them for breakfast) and then they dyed the eggs blue, yellow and green.... they had so much fun doing this. Thought we would make them up for Easter day.. not too sure what they will do with them but hey they looked pretty... and the boys enjoyed doing it. I think they might be painting them as well and making them into some sort of animal or something hmmm...

Went to the new New World to get all the food for our camping trip as this time I am not going to buy food over in Waihi as it is soooo expensive and we would only get stuff we had forgotten. After that took my mother to Westfield to go shopping and I left her there and came home for lunch with the boys and me and the boys went for a 40 minute walk after lunch and then went to pick up mum.

We are going to my friends place in Waitoa tonight... they live in the country there and so we are going for dinner there and catch up... probably play some cards too.

Lisa said that she has got a part time job in town here with Telecom so that would be great as we can get together after both of our jobs and go for lunch and drinkies.

I have been friends with Lisa like OMG since I was 7.... so if you want to know how old I am that is 28 years I have known her... she like knows everyone I have ever been out with and knows what I was like at school and we travelled all around the South Island with our music group and we have so much in common and now we have two boys as well. So it will be good to spend some more time with her.

I find that since I have been losing weight I am trying to spend more time with friends and do more things than sit at home... I am enjoying my friends at work more now too and I have decided this weekend to make sure I schedule them into my busy life more now too.

Only two days woohoo and then we are off camping... I know that with my luck this beautiful weather is not going to last but hey it is going to be fun and we will have at least one day nice aye ???? he he he he

When I was out walking today I asked hubby to see how I walk... because my trainer said something about my walking the other day I thought maybe I should see if anyone else sees it. Well hubby said the same thing as she did that I flick my feet when I go to step down... and so he tried to tell me how I should walk.... OMG I laughed my head off because it felt like I was spastic or something with the way I was walking he he he. So I have to see how I can walk with flicking as my knees aren't that good with all this walking that it is hindering my knees hmmmm what to do? What to do?

I will update later as to what dinner was like at Lisa's.

Love ya all have a good night

Love Chubbymum


Debbie said...

WOW you've done loads of exercise :) goof for you! I'm really glad that life is treating you well and you are having frun

Leyanie said...

What an effort!!! 10km track! Woohooo! And then a 4km walk, you are a woman on a mission.
I really hope you have so much fun camping, sounds like a blast.
Look after your knees, I hope you feel better soon.

Emily said...

Wow, sounds like you're full of action this weekend, good on you!

I love catching up with my girlfriend from when we were babies, its so cool to have someone that knows your whole life, lol.

You may have already done this, but if you are flicking your feet out, the sports shoe stores might be able to recommend some shoes with cushioning in the right places??

Have a great time camping, fingers crossed for this weather to last a few more days!!

Debbie P said...

Hi ChubbyMum,

Hope you have a great time camping and hope the weather holds up.

I'll be thinking of you.

Princess Crankypants said...

Well done, very inspirational.

Keep up the great work

Trisca said...

I love reading your posts CM - I smile so much when I read them. Congrats on conquering those 10km and I sure understand all that huffing and puffing you went through! Sounds like you and the family had a wonderful Easter overall.. :-)

Take care and hope you have a terrific week this week!!

Trisca.. xo

Leighanne said...

You are doing so great with the exercise!!!
Have fun on your camping trip:)

fitcat said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend. I hope camping was fun! :)

Lynise said...

Hi there,
I havn't managed to read any posts for a little while (about 2 weeks) as I have been so hectic at work, so I have a bit to catch up on. I am also wanting to 'pick your brains' as I need some info about Hamilton. I actually used to live down there (1990 - 1997) but so many new sub divisions are popping up so I need up to date info. I am actually looking at moving back into the area and am needing to know what suburbs are considered the best. I used have a small townhouse in River Road which was great when I was 'young & single' but now need something that is nice and has good schools handy. Any suggestions?

Tracey Anne said...

WOW CM, sounds like you've been hauling with the exercise! But then, you're always an inspiration to me in that area. You are going to be so so fit when you get to goal. Are you going to do a marathon sometime? I think you'd be good at it. Keep up the amazing work.
P.S. Tap dancing? How cool!!!

Kate said...

Where are you? xxx

Natural Jules said...

Love it when you can put some incidental exercise into your day. Glad to see you are still at it.

CaramelKitKat said...

Just reading your posts wears me out! It's great that you are always on the go and even better that this is increasing, though I am buggered if I know where you find the time.

I too love catching up with one friend in particular whom I have known her whole life (and all but 4mths of mine). Our Dad's went to primary and then high school together - we have photos of Dad, as tennis team captain, giving her Dad a few pointers mid match - so funny with their tiny white shorts and 70s hair dos! Later, all our parents were in the same tennis club and her Mum lived with my parents before she married her Dad. Every year we went on family holidays together and probably had as many fights as good times. We barrack for the same footy team and passed our memberships over to her mum when we each moved away from Melbourne at the same time. Now our overly busy parents keep in touch through us, in fact, she is staying with me for a week next month and I can't wait! Sorry for blurting all this out, but writing it has made me realise just how incredible it is that this chick knows every little thing about me, yet still wants to be my friend. We came together through circumstance, but we've stayed close through choice. Noice!

I hope you have a fantastic week and that your knees come right soon.

CKK xx