Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Weight Watcher Meeting

Got up this morning to go to my L.E.A.N class and she worked our backsides off. I managed to do 8km in 20 minutes and 45 seconds woohoooo I felt so enthralled afterwards and I sweated like you wouldn't believe and when I went to go and get a shower I stood in front of the mirror smiling like a banshee he he with all the sweat around the front and neck.

Went to work and it was full on with work and I had a headache by the end of the day that is for sure.

I haven't been feeling dizzy today because I think it was a sinus problem. I told a couple of friends in the last day and they have had the same thing so I think that is what the problem was... wohooooo.

So anyway I went to weigh in tonight and it was a great one. We laughed like anything and I met some more people that I haven't talked to before and I had the guts at the end to ask the whole meeting if there was anyone that wanted to do tap dancing with me and a couple were interested so I can't wait till we do it. We said that in June we will go to a class and get some shaking going on he he he.... woohoo meeting some more friends and (as my husband says) expanding my circle of friends it feels fantastic.

So I won't be going back to Weight Watchers for 3 weeks because of Easter (when I am going away camping) and then Anzac Day and then the next week I will be back... welllll when I was leaving my Weight Watcher Leaders said "see ya in 3 weeks when we have a suprise for you!" I said you mean for all of us and Kylie said "No we have a suprise just for you!" and then said "Good things come to people that wait" so it has got me intrigued that is for sure on what the suprise is but they seemed pretty chuffed with themselves.

So anyway I lost... didn't think I would but hey one night bad didn't mean I had made my whole week a disaster aye... It was a suprise that is for sure.

Anyway that is enough for me tonight... I am tired and going to beddy byes he he he



Karen said...

Yay for the loss hun! You are doing so well!
Hmmmmm the surprise they have for you sounds very exciting indeed - can't wait to read/hear all about it in three weeks time! How are we going to last that long? LOL
And yay for making new friends and doing the Tap Dancing! I am so envious!
*hugs and love*

Felicity said...

good effort girl wow I am gonna have to get a wiggle on u nearly catchin up. Have a great Easter.

CaramelKitKat said...

What a happy post - you've put a smile on my face!

So much to be happy about, so much to look forward to, and that's even without this intriguing surprise - can't wait to find out what it is!!

Hippygal said...

Whoohoo for tap dancing Go Girl~! and congrats on the loss :)


Leighanne said...

I wonder what the suprise is...
It's great that you got a few to try tap dancing with you!!

I found the 'I can make you slim book' in my cupboard - but now I need to find the cd, but I will read the book anyway:)
Glad to hear you sounding happy:)

Leyanie said...

Wow a suprise for you, that sounds interesting. I love the tap dancing idea, it sounds great. I have been thinking about taking up some dancing. I hope you have fun with it.
Congrats on your loss, that is fantastic!!
I really hope you have a great week, you are doing so well with your LEAN course. Cheers ;-)

Hippygal said...

Have a great Easter you are camping arn't you - hope it is not to cold for you!!!!

Cheers Jaxx