Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Sorry for no update yesterday

Sorry for no update on Monday... but have been feeling quite weird.. I have been feeling quite dizzy in my head like my head is heavy ya know. Hubby seems to think I am overdoing the exercise with all the walking and the gym but I am not sure. If it keeps up by Thursday I will go to the doctor... it might be my blood pressure maybe.

Well I have been good this week with my eating and all my exercise and I am fretting about the weigh in tonight. I want to lose that is for sure but everytime I think I have done really well I end up gaining. I just don't want to gain... it feels like all the work I have been putting in to it is for nothing. Yeah I know on to a more healthier lifestyle etc but still dissapointing.

So anyway... I have decided to put my weight up again and see how it goes for the next couple of weeks. If I don't like it then I will take it off again he he he. Since Kris is going to my WW meeting now it seems silly to not put it up there.

I was doing it because I was competing with her and getting upset because I can't lose as fast as her. Yes my problem... but with me and weight it is not logical and I am not logical. I do the same as Kris with exercise and I am REALLY good with my food but I lose like 300 grams and she loses 2 to 3 kilos and it was doing my head it (I have talked to her about this as she is my friend). So today I thought what they hey she is going to know what I lose every week because at my meeting sooo many people ask each week how I have done and I don't want to be restricted anymore. It was helping for the last 3 months to not tell her (in my mind) but now I have to just be!!!

So I am looking forward to the WW meeting tonight with my friend there... it will be good to have someone I know from my normal day to day life to be there and we can bounce ideas off each other.. it will be fantastic.

On Sunday we were driving home from shopping and Corbin said "can we have popcorn when we get home?" his Dad said "yes we can" Corbin said "Mum you can have popcorn it is fat free" I said thank you son I will have some. Then he proceeded to say "it is so cool that it is fat free and there is only 2 meters of fat in it" Hubby and I burst out laughing because it sounded so cute. He was looking at us as if to say what are you laughing at but I just said "it is nice you are looking after me" sooooo cute.

I am feeling so much fitter now than I have ever been.

Work is going ok... I am a little lonely in my office all alone but the girls leave nice little notes on my pin board and they come in now and then. My old boss phones me from her office asking if I am ok... so that is really nice.

For the past two weeks I have been doing the Paul McKenna "I can make you slim" book and have been totally enjoying it. I was a little skeptical when in the slimming magazine a lady swore that it was the reason she lost weight... but after reading the book and listening to the tape I am a little more positive towards myself each day.

Reading the book it is so simple... I thought he would give all this mumbo jumbo stuff and make it hard to learn to lose weight because you have to remember rule after rule but it is simple... There are only 4 rules and the cd is fantastic. So I am trying the 90 day plan with him and seeing how it goes. But of course I am still doing WW as I think it is a great plan and more people have lost with it than any other diet/healthy lifestyle change he he.

I have been overwelmed by the comments I have had lately and thank you very much for caring enough about me. I suppose it was a little uncharacteristic of me to just sign off like that but so many things happening in my life and trying to keep up with the journal was making me feel like I was out of control. The confusion in my head about how much weight I lose a week was getting to me as well.

I have realised that I am achieving this weight loss because of a whole lot of things and one of them being that I write in here and get so much feedback and encouragment. I honestly didn't think that anyone would be too worried if I didn't write again. Hubby said that if I can motivate just one person to get some weight off then I am achieving something and that when I first started this I was googling galore to find someone in my situation that had to lose this much weight to read their journal so I would get some inspiration... and I still do that.. I still read as many journals as I can so I can keep my motivation up.

I find that the Weight Watcher magazines are ok but there is never enough in them and I would rather that they came out once a month so that I can keep my motivation going... I never understood why it isn't a monthly magazine there must be heaps out there for them to inform us on.

I do read the slimming magazine and love it but would love to have other inspirational magazines to read instead of the Womens weekly CRAP that has who left whom and who is having a baby and what the royals are doing now... it is so not what I want to spend my money on.

So I have 15 minutes and I am due for the dreaded weigh in it is soooo scary...... I have done all my exercise and I have pointed so I am thinking it will be a loss but I have been proven wrong before! Especially after Christmas when I was doing all that exercise and bike riding and I lost 200 grams in 3 weeks 200 grams.... it just doesn't make sense. I can get it when I am bad with the tracking and the exercise and only lose that but when I try and don't lose it is just not right.

Anyway I will be back later with an update.

Love Chubbymum

So I went to the weigh in and stayed the same... that is ok for me as I didn't want to gain because I usually gain when I do a lot of exercise.
I cannot say that I wasn't dissapointed but tonight was a great night.
My WW leaders called me a star tonight OMG when they said it I was taken aback. I know I get on really well with them and they phone me and they support me and want me to get to goal but them actually telling Kris and the others that I am their star really gave me warm and tingleys
Tonight that is for sure. I never thought that they thought that..... he he he
They are one in a million these two ladies! I can't believe how I feel so comfortable to talk to them and not worry what I have done that wasn't on track etc they are always there listening to me and helping me out of my hole.
Kylie tonight said that she was worried about me in January that I was losing focus because of the holidays working so hard and not losing as much as I wanted and that her and Karen chatted every night about how they were going to help me keep on this journey. OMG without these ladies I don't think I would have made it this far they are amazing.
The meeting was about planning tonight... especially around Easter and Easter eggs... it was an eye opener how much one Easter is in points that is for sure. Makes ya think.... makes ya think.
Felicity the book is "I can make you thin" by Paul McKenna and I got it from Paper plus, but Whitcoulls have it too. Well worth the read that is for sure!

Good night... I am tired now.
Love Chubbymum


Tracy said...

Hiya - Good luck for weigh in. You are doing so well with your exercise & feeling so much better - don't let anything else get in your way. I have my fingers & toes crossed.

Felicity said...

waiting waiting how was the weigh in girl.

Now this book/cd where do I get one sounds like it's a tool toward the goals we are working toward.

Jodie said...

Hi there CM,

Just checking in. I took a look at your new weight stats and you are doing amazingly well. I understand the frustration of the last 5kg's not coming of quite as quick as the previous 5kg lots but 25kg's in just over 1 year is awesome. That's about a great average!! Focusing on the positive!!

You should definately go to the doctors if your dizzy spells continue. It might just mean changing your diet slightly to maybe include a little more carbs or something to come into line with the amount of exercise you are doing. Fantastic results and can't wait to see your progress!!


Anne said...

Good luck with weigh in - you have an amazing attitude towards the lifestyle changes you've made. Great effort with your exercise as well!

Debbie said...

Good luck with your weigh in :) sounds like you had a great week on plan and you really deserve a loss.
Love Debbie

Karen said...

Hey hun - just checking in to see how you got on at Weigh in but must be too early for your update... am sure all went well.
Will be in touch and thanks again for everything xxx

Karen said...

A "stay the same" is just as good as losing hun as it means you definitely didn't gain! :)
Am sure the loss you were due this week will show up next week - and yes you are a true star and never ever forget that!

michelle said...

Hi just letting you know that I read your blog and think you are doing great. It can be discouraging when the loss is slow but keep at it. Your increased exercise and weight loss is reaping lots of other benefits than what the scales show.

Leighanne said...

Congrats on staying the same - at my group we call it Turtle (ing) and you ge a little turtle button!

Try not to compete number wise with your friend - I know it's hard ! But our bodies are all different and we lose differently too!

I think I have that book you are talking about - I will have to find it and give it another go!

Glad to see you happy *hugs*