Thursday, 6 April 2006

Great couple of nights


It was a really busy day at work yesterday.

Was thinking about getting up early and going to the gym this morning but then thought NO I haven't been feeling well lately I need to rest so I am fit for Thursday's L.E.A.N. Work was so full on and I got to meet all the Managers of the other 3 creches which was great as I have only talked to them on the phone and they seemed really nice over the phone and meeting them wasn't anything different. Got tired of looking at the computer yesterday and working out accounts that had been stuffed up by the person that did it before me...some angry parents... not at me but at the new company... but hey as Nikki (my ex boss) said.... I will sort it out that is for sure woohoooo.

Kris came and had lunch with me at work and it was really nice. It was such a hot day though and I felt really tired and only having a half an hour for lunch it was just toooo fast. But I had fun that is for sure. It also gave Kris a chance to see where I worked.

Got home in the afternoon and realised that I hadn't done my homework for my card class he he so I went into my craft room and made two cards with the stickers she gave us... OMG that was the hardest thing to do... it wasn't that inspiring but I suppose that is why she gave it to us so that we would think out of the square. She has given us Easter stickers to do some cards this week and there will be a prize (an easter egg) which I don't want but it would be good to be think out of the square that is for sure.

I had salmon for dinner last night and it was a beauty and I had been looking forward to it all day.... I put garlic and basic pesto on it and cooked it in the George Forman grill and had veges and hot chips (made the healthy way he he he) and guess what I COULDN'T EAT IT ALL. OMG that has never happened before but with this book that I have been reading and the tape.... it just makes me think differently. So I had a quarter of it... and at the time was quite upset that I didn't manage to eat it but now thinking back it was a fantastic thing... and it wasn't wasted because I am having some of it for lunch today.

I was sooooo full when I had to pick up Kris that it was uncomfortable woohooo for me he he he he... so we went to our favourite little drinking hole before our card class and chatted. I felt quite full and tired so I was a little quiet but I think Kris understood.

The card class was fantastic!!! I managed to make 4 cards and proud of each one of them. I think the ladies in the class are getting more and more relaxed and we are enjoying our time. I felt like I was on a high doing the cards tonight and was managing to do some lovely work he he he (if I must say so myself) I have posted them here if you want to have a look.

Thursday (so far)

Got up at 5.30am and went to my L.E.A.N event class this morning... OMG I worked out so hard today with my buddy Dee. This is what I did:
  1. 10 mintues on the bike
  2. 12 reps of weights (5 Kilos)
  3. and while I was doing that my buddy Dee was doing the Straddle step bar and then we swapped and did 3 sets.
  4. Bike 5 minutes and on the bike doing 30 secs realllly fas and 10 secs rest
  5. 3 sets Calf raises
  6. 3 sets squats with swiss ball
  7. 500 metres rower then 10 sit ups and 10 push ups
  8. 500 metres rower then 10 sit ups and 10 push ups
  9. 500 metres rower then 10 sit ups and 10 push ups
  10. 1 minute skipping
  11. 5 minutes walking back and forth on the lines (can't remember what they call it)
  12. 1 minute Skipping
  13. Up and down the stairs 10 times
  14. Then run, walk, run, walk for 3 minutes arghhhh

OMG OMG I am soooo tired after that today. I push myself harder with Dee as she is like the fittest in the group and she always supports me when she has finished doing what she does so it was fantastic to work out with her today.

After that I had a meeting with Sgt Major as Dee had told him last week that I have trouble with my knee and can he help me.. He has some sort of degree in physio stuff (not sure what, just a lot of initials after his name he he he) he asked me lots of questions and then played around with my knee (he he he hmmm) and told me that he can feel cartlidge loose (or something to that effect) in my knee and he has given me some exercise to sort it out.. but with all the poking around it is bloody sore now grrrr but at least someone is trying to help me sort this out and also that Dee and Sgt Major want to help is fantastic... and I didn't even ask. So Sgt Major said that I have to do these exercise for the week and he wants to see me next week. Apparently there is a major difference between the muscles in my legs and they need strengthening...

After getting home and having a shower I went and took Corbin to school and watched the snail races they were having in class with real snails... how fascinating that was... I was enjoying it. Then went to Kris's place to visit and then came home to do this... such a good start to the morning but my muscles everywhere are HURTING OUCH.

I will try and update tonight after the parent teacher interview and the soccer manager meeting I have to go to. OMG am I a busy wee lass or what he he

Love Chubbymum

Which leaves me to


Karen said...

OMG woman! You are sounding like superwoman at the moment! You are rocking big time!
Well done on everything :)

Anne said...

I still get totally blown away at what some people are achieving and you are one of those people!

Just want to say keep up the amazing work you are doing and be proud at how far you've come! Well done:)

Erica said...

WoW! Fantastic effort on the exercise front CM! You'll be a lean mean fighting machine in NO time!

Erica xx

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work I like reading your blogs they are fun to read. Good effort with the exercise