Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Feeling like posting here today

I feel like posting here today.

I haven't had much to say lately but I am feeling quite overwelmed today with my life.

Have you ever had those days that you just have so many things you want to do but can't seem to work out which one to do or which one that you really want to spend the time on.

I want to do my cards but when I do my cards I want to go on the computer and then when I get on the computer I want to do my computer scrapbooking and read my new Slimming magazine.. then when I am reading my slimming magazine I want to read my scrapbooking magazine. I cannot seem to sit still and read one thing or do one thing.

Got up at 5.30 this morning and went to the L.E.A.N advanced (he he he) course today and it was a great workout. I hated doing it but I was not going to let myself hate it and I had to push myself and get over the pain. One of the ladies there when I went down would come and say get through the pain hun and you will enjoy it and it is only an hour. It was nice that she came over to get me motivated and I felt fantastic because of it. We went for like a 2km walk to a hill down the road from the gym (and it was dark he he he) and then she made us go up and down the hill and I managed 6 times and by the end my legs were hating me like you wouldn't believe but I pushed through it. My knee at the moment is not happy but I feel happy that I did it. When we got back we went on to the bikes and had 1 minute easy and 1 minute hard and then on to the treadmill to do the same and when our trainer came over I felt quite dizzy and just had to stop. I think after being sick I pushed myself a little too much and said to her that I think I might just go so I was about 5 minutes early leaving but I did do the work and I pushed myself and felt fantastic for it.

I am not too sure about my weigh in this week. I don't think I have been bad with the food but I have had a lot of carbo's this week that isn't right so I don't know until tonight what I have lost.

I have a mini goal tonight I want to get to and I am anxious to see if I manage it.... but the way my thinking has been going lately everytime I think I have lost I gain and visa versa so with my body I just don't know. I am really happy with my photo I posted yesterday and in a way I can tell the difference in the way I look happier in the second but I just still can't wait till I am at goal and I can see the two pictures and wonder how they can both be me. I want one of those photos that you can't tell it was me.... it will happen and I know I have a couple more years to go but I have done one year so that is one year closer.

I have finally gotten my head around this life style change because for a month or so I have been so up and down in my head (especially when I thought I was doing so well and I didn't) so let's hope it will keep going. I am not a happy person when my mojo isn't there, but hey it is all good challenges for us.

Ok so I will update later on what happened.

Love ya


I lost what I was aiming for... (and no Kris it wasn't the big one he he he) just a little goal that I have been trying to achieve to get me focussed he he he...


I have been doing this L.E.A.N course for 3 weeks and in 3 weeks I have lost each week... no yoyoing wohooooo. I am convinced that the L.E.A.N is benefiting me because I haven't changed my diet as such. I am loving the mornings.... I have got my head around the early morning rise and I am not letting it beat me because this is good for me, and I think I might do this for the rest of the year... keep up with the routine.

I am not fretting about food anymore as I am sticking to the good food and not straying from that. I think the hardest thing for me over this year is to get to the stage that food isn't the problem as such... just that I can indulge in things in moderation and still keep with the plan... isn't that the whole thing? Getting the balance. If I loose next week then I am well on my way and have found the balance for me.

Anyway going now.. thanks everyone for being here for me.

Love ya... love ya.... love ya....



Karen said...

Sending ya positive vibes hun for weigh in and I really hope you make your mini goal!
And yay for getting your head around the lifestyle change cause thats exactly what it is! Not a diet but a lifestyle change!
Always here for ya hun

Lee-Anne said...

Hey you, heading your way soon. Have a daughter whose relocated to your neck of the woods. Be there in about 2 - 3 weeks, will keep you posted.

You are doing great. This IS a lifestyle thing. You have to live life as well.

CaramelKitKat said...

Wow, that workout sounds incredible! So nice of that lady to specifically encourage you, but I have no doubt that she could tell her words would not fall on deaf ears - you must have looked like a machine!

Thanks for the inspiration; because of it I am going to set my alarm and get up for a walk before walk - if you can run up and down hills, I can go for a decent walk!

Sandra said...

Good for you.
Exercising in the morning is so good because it raises your metabolism for the rest of the day.

Karen said...

Yay for a loss hun!!!! I am so so pleased for you! And double yay for reaching your mini goal! :)
Love ya

Tracey Anne said...

Yay, congrats on your awesome loss! That LEAN course sounds like a real killer. I really admire you for getting up early to exercise - what an inspiration! Keep up the great work.

M said...

Well done CM. Shaking your body up doing LEAN seems to have shocked it into losing again. Well done. And you are getting fitter and leaner and stronger every week too.

Keep it going - you are doing so well :D

Jenn said...

good job!