Thursday, 2 February 2006

Feeling quite positive about things

Feeling really positive about my weight loss this week. I am chuffed to pieces with my loss on Tuesday and I am just revved up for this week.

I was so motivated that I went to the gym this afternoon and did an hour, half an hour of cardio and half an hour of weights... and OMG my arms are killing me tonight and I have drank 3 litres of water... feel like a sloshing bucket he he he he.

I am on a high too because a friend emailed me tonight to say sorry she hasn't emailed for a while and that she misses our friendship and she might be moving to Hamilton. OMG that would be fantastic. I have known her since we were 7 and we have kept in contact ever since. Obviously not every week but I have missed chatting to her... so I might get to see her more now wohooo.

So my day has been quite good. We are going to meet up this weekend with her and her new man. We are also talking about going camping with all our kids. Wohooo I have missed that and with my friend moving to Hokitika it has felt quite flat but now it is going to be more interesting.

Good night everyone.

Love Chubbymum


Sue said...

What a nice positive post - you have a great weekend.

Anne said...

Great work at the gym!

You sound so positive and full of life - have a fun time with your boys this weekend:)

fattyboombastic said...

Hey sis, sounds like you're on the roll. Thats awesome sis :) Love the positive post!!

Leighanne said...

Glad to hear you so positive!!
Have a great time with your friend:)

Anonymous said...

Friends are important pleased you are feeling so positive. Thanks for the blog comment earlier in week...I am alive just working so long to pay for my holiday...I'll need it by time April comes. Posting this weekend.

Felicity at work

Karen said...

Love the post hun! I do hope your friend does manage to move to Hamilton as that would be awesome for you!
Great session at the gym and yay for being so motivated!

CaramelKitKat said...

How exciting to be back in touch with an old friend!! I think those friendships are the best, the ones where you can pick up where you left off, no "but I didn't get an Xmas card from you for the last three years" crap.

Hope your weekend is as positive as this post, you seem very happy and it's lovely to read about xx

Tina said...

Thats great that you've caught up with an old friend....Hope you're having a wonderful weekend hun...take care!

Natural Jules said...

Hey there, long time no read. Well more like long time no comment, I have been reading just not commenting but, someone pointed out to me that I have been whining about no comments yet not giving them myself so I have made a concientous effort to try and comment on everyone's sites who I have just been lurking on for a while. So, just wanted to say you are doing well and that I love the new look of the site. It looks really quite professional and stylish. Keep up the good work.

Emily said...

The others have said it, but its great to hear you sounding so positive and happy!

Happy Waitangi Day :-)

fitcat said...

Wow, that sounds like a great gym workout! I hope you're still powering along after the weekend.

Camping is always great fun. :D