Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Wow what a day

The day went really fast....

  1. Work was a nightmare... things happening at work with boss and she was crying (can't say what) but OMG.
  2. Had a phone call from our new bosses in head office and they were asking me if I would take over the administration job of the whole 4 centres in Hamilton doing HR, ACC and other stuff not account related hmmmmm not sure because I don't really want to work anymore hours. I still have to decide.
  3. Went to the gym and met Kris there and did a work out and now my arms and legs are KILLING me. I think I tried harder than I have in such a while.... and our trainer was soooo pushing us to the limits today. Afterwards Natalie (the receptionist there) came over to me (as she was doing the class) and said "I am really proud of you today I was watching you in the mirror and you were working it girl" Wow that felt really good for her to say that and put me on a high.
  4. Got home and sat down and the phone rang and it was one of my Weight Watcher leaders phoning to talk to me and say she was glad that I came back this week and she really believes I can do this and that I can be a leader at the end of it and we were talking about so many things for about an hour.

    What an inspiration she is and how special she made me feel just phoning me and asking me how things are going. I did tell her that I cannot wait until winter when some of these people drop out. I said I know that sounds selfish but I find it harder to talk in the meetings because the people there don't know how long I have been at this and how much I have lost.... I know that is my problem but it doesn't feel as close nit... until last night anyway. She said she feels the same. Usually she knows what people have been through and what they have lost etc but with the new people it is different.

    There were so many other things that we talked about and it just reinforced that this meeting is for me and the support that I am getting goes far beyond the meetings.
  5. I am tired..... he he he

Anyway going now.

Love ya all


fitcat said...

First of all, well done on your loss. I think you finally seem to have your head in a really good place and that's reflected in what's happening in your body. You should be so proud of yourself for putting so much into your class, I mean for someone to come up and tell you that, wow! You must have been giving 300%.

That's great about the support your leader is giving you too.

Good luck with deciding about the job, I know you'll make the right choice. :)

Karen said...

Wow you certainly did have a full on day hun... no wonder you are tired! :)
Great news about the compliements and the support from the WW leader.
I am sure you will make the right decision re the job - they wouldn't have offered it to you if they didn't think you could do it... but like you said its whether or not you want/need the extra hours. Good luck :) Always here if you need to talk...

M said...

That is great to get such support from your ww leader. This is what it is all about. Congrats on your kgs loss girl, way to go.

You should be getting compliments at this rate...

Have a great day :D

Felicity said...

sounds like u have a great WW leader. An awesome day alround. Wow even if u don't take the promotion what a buzz to be offered.

Ang said...

Your ww leader sounds soooo lovely! I wish mine was the same. I guess it does depend on how long you have been going tho ay. You are obviously one determined person, congratulations on your achievements so far. I look forward to checking in an see you reach 75.

Take care
A :)

Emily said...

Wow, that is great that your leader rang you at home for a chat about things. And awesome about your loss this week, well done.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.