Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Exercised out

Ok... first off... had the day off as sick today as Quinn was really sick last night and had a fever and blocked nose and ear infection. So I decided that I would stay home today and keep him away from my mum so that she wouldn't catch it (wishing thinking on my part).

So phoned work said I wasn't coming in which as far as my thinking... I have 7 days a year sick leave and I have been there since July and haven't taken a day since then. So anyway after taking Corbin to school and cuddling Quinn most of the morning my boss phones.. I don't know if she was checking up so that I haven't taken the day off without being sick or what (I phoned my boss but she didn't answer her phone this morning so I phoned the lady under her to tell her I wouldn't be there). So anyway she gets on the phone saying she couldn't find things and OMG I just wanted to say FUCK OFF I had enough to deal with with Quinn being sick and for one fucken day she could deal with the things without phoning me... which got me to the thinking that maybe she was phoning to check that I was really at home with a sick child.... GRRRRRR...

I am tired of the micro managing she does it is just pissing me off.

My horoscope tonight says that I should just stick to things at the moment and not change anything... omg is that an omen or what. I was looking through the job pages and read the horoscope so maybe I should sit back and think about things..

but lately I have hated my job...

especially since they sold the business because one of the Directors is now just a manager (I mis the other director) and half my job has gone up to Auckland because the business that took over our centre has it all centralised... well now what do I do.. ???

I have been a Financial Administrator for such a long time in my jobs that with half of my work gone is driving me insane and my boss micromanaging because she wants to know everyones job is driving me insane. I am not the only one that is feeling it.

This afternoon before going over Kris's place I sat back thinking... ok the job is boring but I have to only deal with it for 21.5 hours of a week and really in all honesty I am only working because I want money to do other things in my life so hey why not stick it out till the end of the year....

I do know that I would love to do a course in Life Coaching... that is funny considering I dont know what I want to do with my life but I do love helping other people... maybe councelling would be something I could do. I love it when people ask my advice and I try to give them what I think but leaving it so they still make their own decisions.. hmmmm might be something I should look into??

Well anyway Kris and I went to the gym today and tried out the new Vibro machine (or something like that) it feels like you are holding a huge I MEAN HUGE lawn mower and it fibrates. You have to sit in different postions (like you are doing squats or pretending to sit on a chair) to get the feeling and it contracts your muscles. OMG now I thought that it was a stupid idea but thought it would be interesting to try... so anyway after doing the exercises on that Kris and I decided to go to the Kick boxing class and I was sore with the muscles feeling tight but I reallllllly realllllly tried in this class... now after an hour and a half I AM REGRETTING THAT I TRIED THAT HARD argghhhhh and I have to get up at 5.30am to go the gym for the L.E.A.N course. I reckon I like punishing myself that is for sure.

So.. how do I solve the not liking my job? I know I sound like I am a stuck record... I mean will I ever be happy? How do you know what you want to do with your life? I am 35 years old and I still don't know. I don't want my boys to ever ever have that! I hope they know what makes them happy and does it.

Closing off now.
Love ya all


Karen said...

*hugs* hun... I hate bosses like that you "hound" you when you are sick - feels like they are checking up on you! I am sure you will find the right direction shortly and all will come right for you.
I have heard that the year long course of "Life Coaching" that you do in your own time from home is really great and that it can really provide with motivation and direction in your life in all aspects.

fattyboombastic said...

Hi there CM, yes its me! I am back into the blogging world. Thank you so much for always checking up on me over the last week or two. Its great to know that there are people out there who really do care. Your kind words goes very far.

I am so sorry to hear about your little man sick at home. I really do hope he gets well soon. As for your boss.. *arghhhh* had she done that to me, I would have told her where to go... lol

Life coaching sounds good and it will suit you because you sound so open minded about things. I really do hope you find out what you want to do, I still yet to do the same.. lol

Keep up with the weight loss, you are doing well :) *hugs* Hang in there sis, don't give up!

M said...

It's a tough one - the whole what do I want to do with my life question. I am 37 and really don't have any direction either. I love the benefits my job gives me, and I do like the people i work with, but if they offered me a redundancy I would be out of the door in a flash. What then?

Do you think it is because you are so creative, and love to be kept busy, that you feel the boredom in your job? I know it is great to have the extra money and I was wondering if there was a way to combine both. I know you shouldn't work on your own things when you are at work but if you are getting all your work done and still have time to kill perhaps you could do some on-line courses in the quiet times, or do some designing work.

Just a thought.
Well done with your exercising. You must be getting quite strong now - and isn't that a good feeling :D

Hope Corbin is feeling better xx

Anne said...

Hi there - I think you should keep your eyes open for other opportunities - why stay there when you aren't happy. I'm sure with your experience that there is the right job for you.

Grrrr to bosses who phone when you are on sick leave - does make you wonder!!!

Trix said...

Hi Hun don't worry you'll come good soon