Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Camping we did go!


Took off about 10am this morning as the camping ground didn't let us in until 12 midday. So we left around 10am and had a really nice drive there. The weather was fantastic and we stopped at a bakery in Waihi and had a nice chicken roll (soooo big) that I didn't eat it all. Now that would have been a first for me that is for sure. When we got to Athenree it was just a feeling of happiness. It is a great camp ground with hot pools and a harbour to swim in (really calm and refreshing). The boys were so excited about camping and quite frankly so was I. We put up the tent and got the whole place sorted. It had a really nice area for us to have our table and chairs up and we read our books for a little while and had some water to hydrate us again. The boys were like on a high so we got our togs on and went for a swim in the hot pools and they met some friends there and we chatted with people too and I had one lady come up and ask if my son went to crèche at **** and I said yes and she said that her daughter recognized him. What a small world huh.

I cannot say my food choices were fantastic this weekend but I was too worried. I didn't overdo it and I enjoyed myself.

The best part of the whole time was on Sunday when we got up early and went to Waihi Beach (not the busy part though he he he) and I felt exhilarated! I was in my togs and I was at the beach and I was in the water with my kids and GUESS WHAT.... he he he I went boogie boarding ME... boogie boarding. Hubby got a photo of my face smiling from here to kingdom come. I haven't had that much fun since I was a teenager he he he.

We went back to the tent with some fresh bread and had tomato sandwiches under the umbrella and had a half an hour where we read our books (wohoooooo) and then hubby took the boys to the hot pools for a while as I just wanted to relax for a while and I didn’t have a wonderful sleep on the air bed he he he Saturday night. It was soooo hot that I got up and went for a walk to find them and they were at the harbour so we all went in with the boogie boards and got the boys floating on the top of them. It was nice but I forgot to put suntan lotion on and that night was a bright as a beet root he he he he.

Hubby enjoyed it so much we are going back on the second week of school holidays woohooo. I just felt so relaxed and the kids enjoyed themselves too. Hubby is thinking about buying some land over there so we can tent whenever we want and then build a house on it so we have a Bach. OMG it is like a dream for me to have a family Bach. If we find one at a good price with a house we might just get it and rent it out over Xmas (because we don’t travel at Xmas as there are too many idiots on the road). That way we can make some money for the mortgage. So you never know… he went and got real estate brochures and all… wohooooo.
Came home on Monday afternoon about 3pm and when we got home we had noticed that Quinn’s nose still wasn’t getting better from a cold he had a month ago. Plus I made him clean his teeth in the morning so much because I thought he had bad breath and said he wasn’t cleaning his teeth right. But in fact when we looked it looked like he had something up his nose.

We took him to A & E and they sent us up to the hospital as Quinn wouldn’t let them near his nose. We waited from 4.30 till 11.30pm just to see a doctor last night and then they couldn’t get near it either so they said that we need to see the ear, nose and throat doctor but if what was stuck up his nose was metallic then we couldn’t so we went to have an X-Ray and that is when I broke down…. (my dad died in this hospital and I think it was just too much after all that waiting and waiting). It wasn’t a metallic thing in his nose. The doctor seemed to think it might be bone or something and sent us home and said to go to the ear, nose and throat doctor in the morning and they might have to put him under local anesthetic.

Ok so this morning I took Corbin to school and hubby took Quinn to the hospital and we arranged to meet at the hospital after I took Corbin to school. When I was leaving the school I hear this toot toot and hubby was in the car with Quinn with his thumb up… I started crying from relief as I was up all night fretting about it.

And guess what it was.. Cello tape!!! Yep he stuck cello tape up his nose GRRRRR so needless to say we had a huge talk about not putting anything up your nose or in anywhere apart from his mouth and that has to be food as well. GEESH

Went to the gym at 11am this morning and did a big cardio workout. Enjoyed it heaps.

I went to Weight Watchers tonight and I gained but I am ok with that. I did the naughty eating and DRINKING that I deserve the gain... I am back on track now and the gain is in the past! I am so much stronger than I was a year ago and I have finally realised that I have to do this for me and not as a competition which is what I had been doing. So it is going to be a good year!!

Good night everyone

Love CM


Karen said...

Wow sounds like you had a fantastic weekend hun! I am so jealous of the fun you had and the boogie boarding too! Awesome photo by the way - you look like you are having a blast!
Bugger about the gain but glad you are back on track now. Thats right hun - this is all for you and only you! Am so pleased you have realised that now :)
Bugger about Quinn and the Cellotape - the things kids do! But glad he is ok.

weightylady said...

What an awesome weekend you had! The pics of you on the boogieboard are lovely. I hope you are able to find a nice bach.

You have a great attotude about losing weight. ;-)

So glad you worked out the cello tape incident. It sounded stressful for everyone!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

You sound so positive and that a great weekend away was all that you needed, to boost your spirits again, And good on you for boogying boarding and really enjoying it and saying stuff what i look like, I feel good and am going to have fun. Way to go, I am so proud of you.

CaramelKitKat said...

You look gorgeous! That big smile is a real one for sure, so happy :oD

Hope you do get a bach. We are going to my grandparent's beach house in a month and I will sleep in the same bed I did as a kid, play Concentration and Trouble (the v cool retro games in boxes that have been mended by Nanna a million times) and take the bucket and spade 100m away to the beach for a fair dinkum sand castle build. My friends will bring their kids and it will be nice to see them in my old stomping ground. My beach house memories are wonderful and I'd wish them upon anybody!

autumnfairy said...

your weekend away sounds so wonderful. i read all these gorgeous things about nz and want to come over for a holiday. you look really happy in the water glad to see you enjoyed yourself

love from af

Felicity said...

Loved the pics u really are having a ball kiddo good for you...loosing weight is justso great huh!!!
Oh kids they are a trial, thankfully u got it sorted in the end.

Sue said...

What fabulous photos of you in the water. You look so happy and healthy.

Kate said...

Sounds like a fantastic holiday!! Look at your face on the boogie board - classic!

Lol re: sellotape! I guess I have all those kind of things to look forward to, lol.

Have a great week!

P.s. thanks for your name suggestions!

fattyboombastic said...

Hi there CM, your wkend sounds really awesome. I like your pictures cos you seem to happy in it.

As for Quinn, I remember reading somewhere about a kid who had put some foam up their nose and it had been there for months. The mum [like yourself] thought the child had stink breath and they went to the doctors and tried many things until they notice something green up the nose. Yes we have to be careful with kids.. I will have to keep a close eye on my little one :)

Have a great wk:)

Love, FBB

Leighanne said...

When my sister was little she had a bit of foam up her nose - it had been up for a while and tissue started growing over it, after the dr took it out - she would not let anything go near her nose!!

You look like you had a great time away!! We are thinking about buying a holiday place, where I used to go with my family as a kid:)

Anne said...

What a lovely bubbly post - until I read about your little boy! Pleased he's all o.k. now!

A Girl Running said...

what a brilliant weekend - i love the photos. You look like you have fun and are great fun to be around

LOL about the cello tape incident. My three year old decided to put a lolly pop stick into her mouth sideways and it took me ages to get it out

Slim Suzy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You look so happy!
How exciting to be looking at a holiday home to buy!
Sorry to hear about the little nose - glad it is all fixed now.