Thursday, 9 February 2006

Sore, Sore and SORE

Ok do you get the feeling that I am sore.

I couldn't get to sleep till 12.30am this morning as I was thinking about the L.E.A.N course. So 5.30 came and I got everything together got dressed for the gym and off I went. OMG I just felt like I wanted to go back to sleep.

When I got there Crusher introduced us to a really nice group (around 8 of us) and we got some weights and skipping ropes (ARGGHHH) and went outside to do some exercises. The skipping rope was a bugger I can tell you but I did it and I did the one where most of the fit ones ran but I did the fastest walk I could and I was proud of myself. My heart rate was up and I was feeling like I was putting my whole body through it. My arms were swinging and I refused to let myself relax. Then we went and did some ab work etc

It was the best workout in ages. The only thing I didn't like was rushing to have a shower so I got to work by 7.30 but hey that is life.

Work was ok today... can't say it was a blast.

I am proud of myself though.... BLONDE left a V on my desk at work and when she came up to me I said 'did you leave the V on my desk' and she said yes. I said thank you but I haven't had a V in weeks and I am not going back there (in all fairness she didn't know that I had given up V's) so she took it back and as she was walking out the door she walked back in and said 'I just have to tell you that your face is really slimming down and you are looking great'. Wow what a compliment especially when BLONDE has never really given me a compliment before. So that put me on a high for the day. Every little comment will work that is for sure.

Going to the schools PTA tonight and I am not too sure if I want to or not but Kris begged me he he he he so I will go he he he

So I might update later on.

See ya


Went to the PTA and it was good, but I felt like a small child again with the headmaster watching every move I make... I know it probably wasn't like that but I felt like that.

So I did get roped into being on the Gala committee he he he only because I don't want to be the only one not saying yes so I put my hand up argghhhh.

The only thing I have against the PTA is that they got the children last year to sell chocolates for money. Now I know that they are the biggest sellers for the PTA but aren't NZ school supposed to be promoting healthy eating and living and that they don't allow coke etc drinks at school or the selling of sweets yet they get the kids to massively sell chocolates... hmmmm doesn't seem right for me and I don't know if I could keep my mouth shut about it.... hmmmm we shall see.

Anyway good night I am going to bed he he


Karen said...

Yay for turning down the V - that takes will power hun!
And double yay for compliements especially from BLONDE! That really must have made your day.
Hope you don't get "sucked" into any jobs on the PTA! LOL

Helena said...

welcome back ... isnt camping the most fun you can have with your pants on? *giggle* ... we go in a couple of weeks YIPPEEEEEEEE - how far is Hahei from your place, you could pop over for a cuppa! LOL

I agree with you about the school chocolate thing, there must be other ways of fund raising, although having a sausage sizzle isnt the most productive either LOL mmmmm those onions frying are just to die for ... anyway ... I'm impressed with your gym work, I understand exactly the actions you put your body through and mate, that is impressive - keep up the good work ... ooh I can feel my butt clenching now thinking of those swissball squats! arghhhhhhh LOL

Kate said...

Well done on your great workout, and making it there so early in the morning!

And congrats on turning down the V, even though it was quite a thoughtful thing for her to do :-)

Sue said...

Isn't it the strangest thing, that response we still have to principals, as if they're still in charge and know more than us? A bit different for me, though, my father was my high school principal!

Trix said...

Hi Hun,
Go girl and you rock!
love Trix

M said...

Well done on your workout CM. It sounds fantastic. And soon working out before work will become a habit and the good thing is that your body will actually be burning calories a lot longer during the day.

A big win win I say :D

Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Janene said...

Well done for turning down the V! Look how far you have come!!! And Blonde gave you a compliment?? WOW! that's amazing.... well deserved, of course :)

kathrynoh said...

Well done for the workout and for saying NO :)

I was exactly like you when my son was at son, never got over that feeling of being sent to the principle's office ... lol. But if you don't like the kid's selling chocolate then why bother keeping your mouth shut? There are prolly a lot of other parents who feel the same and aren't speaking up. You have a really valid point.

Tracey Anne said...

Hey wow! Good on you for being so committed to that LEAN class! I find exercise the hardest thing, so you're very inspiring. Good on you!

Leighanne said...

I am with you on the chocolate - we go a notice saying we will be getting some this week! Not looking forward to it at all!

You are doing so well with your exercise!!

Karen said...

Hope all is ok hun or have you been away camping again... Look forward to an update soon :)

A Girl Running said...

What a lovely thing for Blonde to say.

I get really annoyed when children are sent out selling chocolates