Thursday, 16 February 2006

I DID IT!!!!

I feel pumped!!

The thing I am most proud of today is that...... drum roll please....... I jogged YEP YEP YEP you heard it right. I jogged this morning.

Ok it was hard and I felt like I couldn't breath afterwards he he he but how exhilerating was that. I went to the L.E.A.N class at 6am this morning and we were outside again and she asked us to walk/run around the shops... ok my first thought was NO WAY was I going to run around the shops.

It felt like I was back at school again but when we started off I was running and then decided why not try it! Why not try and run and I did!! I DID!!! then I heard Kris's shoes going faster... yep she was running behind me he he he he so I think maybe it must have made Kris think wohooo I can do it too... so that was a gold medal to the both of us this morning.

I was at the A & E AGAIN yep yep yep with my oldest son last night and $50 later OUCH they gave us ear drops and it hasn't helped. So today we went to the doctor AGAIN (3rd time)and said that his ear is worse and red and you can even lightly touch it and yesterday you could touch it... It was worrying us that is for sure. The gunk in it just seems to be staying in now... I would rather that it was coming out like yesterday at least the waste is not staying there.

Well this doctor said the only thing we could do was keep with the antibiotics and give him pamol and nurophen OMG I just can't believe it.. this boy is so sore and upset and I can only give him pamol. It just doesn't seem right. So we are going to leave it for another day and if there is not one bit of a sign it is getting better OMG we are going back again.

I don't like to fool around with ears it is just not right. Work was ok today. Boss seemed to actually delegate today. Apparently she said yesterday others had said that she isn't delgating enough to them and others and she turned around and said that it takes too long to teach the person how to do it and then they could stuff up and she has to fix the mistake... well if she doesn't give anyone a try why have staff at all! People are only human and she is not perfect. So it is not only me that is getting annoyed with her not delegating. So hopefully she sorts things out and stops her micro managing.

Anyway it is 8.30 and I am going to bed because after going to the A & E with Corbin last night I had 4 1/2 hours sleep and then had to get up for the L.E.A.N course so I am buggered. I have 3 days off. I think I have finally found my balance in exercise. When I was doing 5 days a week I was burning out and the food went out of control... now with 4 days it is working right for me and I am not feeling like I want to eat the whole house out he he he.

HEY GIRLS... I think my MOJO is back.

75 kilos here I come!!!



fattyboombastic said...

Hey CM! Wooo hooo you jogged, thats awesome! I have tried only to be a little puffed and then slowed down to walking at a fast pace. You are doing really well with your exercise routine. You will get there!

Sorry to hear about your little man's poor ear. OUCH! I hope he gets well and pls do give him a hug from us.

3 days off huh? You lucky chick? Looks like you're going to be doing a lot more exercise.. YOU GO GIRL!! Keep it up :)

fitcat said...

Woooo! That is so exciting! That you were running and that you've found your balance with exercise. :D

I hope everything works out with the little fellow. My second youngest brother, who was eight at the time, had a lot of problems with his ear last year and I know how stressful it is for the mum. Fingers crossed that these antibiotics work. :)

Karen said...

Wooohooo CM has found her motivation too!!! Yipppeeee!!! Great news hun! Bring on that 75 kilo mark!
Yay for jogging too... that is fantastic.
*big hugs* to you Corbin - hope his ear comes right soon - like you I don't like to mess around with ears either!
Have a great weekend hun!

Felicity said...

hope your lad is feeling better. Running wow u go girl...this body isn't madefor running hehehehe. Hugs

Leyanie said...

Well done!! What an achievement to be running! You sound so much better, you have your energy back.
Hope you little fella starts feeling better soon.

Tina said...

YAY for you CM! I know that ONE DAY I want to be able to jog...good for you for giving it a must feel terrific hun!