Monday, 27 February 2006

Hey long time no type

I know I have been slack over the last week.

I think it is because I haven't had that much to say and I am not too sure how the weight loss is going. I lost last week and I had my monthly and didn't feel like I would loose at all but tomorrow night is another weigh in and I am not too sure either. I mean I haven't been bad and I have been doing my exercise but I just don't know if I have lost or not.

Wasn't feeling too well today felt quite light headed and hubby seems to think I have a bug and my work phoned and said there were a couple of people off sick with feeling quite light headed so that sort of made me feel like I had a bug after that. Was a little scared it might have been my blood pressure but after hearing that I think it might be a bug.

I have been having a lot of people notice the change in my face lately. It is great for the self esteem that is for sure.

Went to the gym today to learn about nutrician as we missed that part of it with this L.E.A.N course. I have to say that most of what they said were things we knew from Weight Watchers and with WW I would get more support in that area. Not to say I am not going to try a couple of things that they had on their pamplets but WW is more logical for my life. We have been asked to put our food down and bring it in on the L.E.A.N classes in the morning so she can discuss things with us and maybe give substitutes. I hope that I am feeling better tomorrow so I can make the L.E.A.N class as it certainly makes my day.

I thought I might put this picture up so that you can see the difference from Jan 05 to Feb 06. It is a cheeky photo as hubby was being smart when he was taking the photo.

I feel good in the February 2006 photo and feel happier that is for sure. I wish that the difference was more but hey that is life. This photo was taken on Saturday (just gone).

I am sorry for the lack of updates.... I just don't know what to write and to be honest getting frustrated with totally concentrating on weight loss all the time that I feel like it is doing my head in. Please pray for me tomorrow at weigh in because I really want to lose... not much but just a little would do me.

Love ya all



Anne said...

Such an amazing difference - you should be so proud of far you've come!!

I do understand how you are feeling about being frustrated concentrating on weight loss but please take a minute to look back at how well you've done. Every little loss helps - keep at it - you are going so well!!!! Also as you said you fell happier - that's all good!

Felicity said...

hell girl wow what a change. So marvellous...I can't wait tosee that face for real in April hehehe. Feeling good is great huh

Tracey Anne said...

Far out, your photos are incredible!! You hardly look like the same person. That is such a huge difference you can be so proud! I really hope your weigh in goes well. But remember, it's the little changes that matter more than what the scales say. So doing things like going to your L.E.A.N course are going to benefit you so much!
Keep up the great work.

Bex said...

You have done really well and you look amazing. Don't get down on yourself chick, you have come a long way and your new picture shows how much happy you are.

The Mumma said...

I love photos like these, they make me think i can do it too

Sandra said...

There is an amazing difference and you actually look younger as well as slimmer. Don't feel downhearted - you've come a long way!

weightylady said...

What a difference!! You look happy and healthy in your new picture. It is true that what we eat and what we do shows up in our skin and eyes. You are glowing!

Hope you are feeling better with your bug.

Sending prayers for a loss for you tommorow. ;-)
Good Luck!

Karen said...

Woooohoooo you are looking good hun!!! Sending ya prayers and positive vibes for a good weigh in tonight....

Leyanie said...

You are looking gorgeous and you should be very proud of yourself.
I can understand your frustration, as I am at that point too at the moment. I really hope you get the loss you are looking for this week.

Sue said...

You may wish it was more - but the difference is amazing! You should be very proud of this progress. Look at the healthy, happy, vital person you are now.