Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Been a bit quiet

I have had nothing to say in the last week.

I have been quite down with my weight loss over the last 4 months with all the yoyoing... I loose I gain and I feel like I am doing the same old same.

The second day of the L.E.A.N was really good today. Felt like I accomplished lots and I am rearing to go. I am looking forward to doing this course more and more each time I go. I think meeting new people and having different things to do in the hour is fantastic.

I wasn't feeling this positive before going to my WW meeting tonight. I had a huge talk with hubby and I know it sounds contridictory but I was talking to hubby today at lunch and decided I would take a month off and get my head together because I am paying money and I am not achieving what I want to and I am not saying that WW doesn't work. I know it does!! it is me either not doing something right or my food combinations aren't right even though I am staying with points. The WW works!! just maybe not how I am doing it. I have been through the talk about why not try the no count but it is too restrictive for me and I would not stick to it.

So I went to the meeting all prepaired and I weighed in (and lost he he he) but still said to my leader I wanted to talk. Well both leaders came and talked and started the meeting late and both of them said to me that they want me to lose this weight and become a WW leader and have thought from the first day that they met me that I should be a leader because people listen to me in the meetings and that they believe I can do it. (One of our leaders is the one that teachers the North Island WW leaders) hmmmmm. They had a huge talk to me and I was crying because honestly I don't know what I am doing to yoyo like I am!

I had a friend that said I couldn't lose 20 kilos in one year and I DID!!! I proved her wrong and that got me going but since that I have not been losing because there is no goal for me. And I just can't pluck it up like that... I have to do it for an angry reason (real not fake) and when I am pissed off I work harder. I don't like goals like getting my hair done or my nails or buying clothes as it doesn't motivate me, material things aren't my motivation. I have to work this out I know do but how is what my problem is!!

So anyway one of my leaders have given me a personal trainer she uses and that he like a guru with nutrician and he does personal training at his place as his wife is studying to be a teacher and he has a studio with all the stuff. So she suggested I try him out. I am thinking that I will do that when I have finished the L.E.A.N course because I would like to try this out first. Obviously with doing the two days of the L.E.A.N this week it has given me a loss and so what could happen next week is the same and if so then L.E.A.N. is working for me and maybe I needed to change the type of exercise I was doing.

My weekend went really well spent time with my friend that is considering moving to Hamilton with her new man and he seems really nice.

Also made heaps of cards to sell as that is what I want to do! I want to make cards for a living... I want to have a card shop or a creative shop where I can scrapbook and make cards and anything else that takes my fancy. It makes me happy.

Went to the L.E.A.N course at 6am this morning and then when I got home hubby had breakfast ready for me and had a lovely card for me too... In the middle it said.... you are my one and only love and will be for eternity. Love Hubby and then it said P.S I owe you $4 for the card he he he (I made the card but not the saying he did that and stole it from my stash he he he) but that was thoughtful because he doesn't like Valentines day and usually I get something a day early or late and not on the day because he doesn't believe in the commercialisation of it all... so for him to think about a lovely breakfast for me ready when I got home was fantastic...

Anyway love you all

P.S.... sorry about my banner and picture. I will fix it this weekend coming. I was hosting my pictures somewhere and they have gone under so I have to work out how to fix it and quite frankly I cannot be bothered until the weekend he he.



Kate said...

Well done on having another loss!

Karen said...

Yeap well done on another loss hun! Sounds like you have been doing lots of thinking and that is what we all need to do at times. Well done for talking to your leaders and I can just imagine you being a WW leader! :) Their suggestion sounds great so will be keen to hear how that goes once you have finished the L.E.A.N. course...

autumnfairy said...

i can really understand where this post is coming from because it partially describes the turmoil i feel within myself at the moment.

one day we will get to be where we want to be

love to you

Sue said...

You. Can. Do. It.

Tracey Anne said...

Yeah, so proud of you for talking to your leaders. You are an inspiration and it would be a great loss to see you take a break from weight watchers. The tricky thing is, a lot of people take a break, never to start again. Or they put on weight while they're on a break and just have to lose it again. I'm sure if you just keep at it and keep going to meetings, then things will "click" again and you'll be back on track. Best of luck with everything!!

Leyanie said...

Please don't take a break!!! You need the support, especially now.
I can understand the financial thing and it does make things difficult. Shake up your routine and your food choices. No count is a bit restrictive, maybe you could check out the foods on the list and change over to some of them, but still count points. I have done that to ease my way into No count. It would be terrible to see you have a break and fall off this journey completely. Keep at it, you can do it. Be positive, you CAN do this. You already have come so far.
All the strength and love to you