Sunday, 19 February 2006


I have decided that weekends I won't update until Sunday or Monday only because I was spending too much time in the weekends when I could be spending it with hubby or the kids or even just for me.

We took off to Waihi in the morning to go and check out sections or houses out there to have as a bach... I asked my mum if she wanted to go for the ride and she agreed and thought as usual unless there were shops she wouldn't get out of the car but she suprised me no end she went for a walk with us to the swing bridge and around the camp site (in Athenree) and the harbour as well. I told her it was great that she was getting out with her grandkids because they were enjoying having her there.

We booked our camp site for Easter woohoooo so we have the same campsite as Waitangi weekend and the boys are just soooo happy about that.

We still haven't found the section etc we want but we are wanting to go and see some more towards winter too because it is good to see sections in winter just in case the bog up or other things happen with the houses too.

It was such a nice picnic by the harbour and to do it as a family was fantastic.

Got up at 9am and had breakfast then went for an hour bike ride with the boys. It was nice as it wasn't that hot yet. I felt wrong all morning and felt quite grumpy.... wasn't too sure why until I got home and realised that I had my monthly... now a little background. I am ALWAYS late with my monthly ALWAYS... but I am a week and a half early! OMG it is just weird. Hubby thinks maybe it is because of all the exercise I am doing etc. I am not usually grumpy at my monthly but today I just couldn't be bothered with anything including my boys and I know that is bad but I was in an unhappy mood. So I thought maybe I would do some cards and managed to do 12 cards to sell.

I am so scared to go to weight watchers this week only because I have tried really hard with the food this week and now I have my monthly grrrrr so that is a gain for me ho hum. But there is always the week after.

I have a little goal that I am going to finally say... I have someone that I know that is only 6 kilos away (no not you Kris) and I am going to close this gap between us so that I can lose more than this person. No you don't know who it is but this has given me a focus and goal now. The last goal I had was to prove another friend that I COULD lose 20 kilos in one year and I lost that in 10 months.

I find it hard to have 5 kilos challenges and goals for material things.

While at Waihi this weekend there were other things that I am looking forward to doing when I get down under the 100 kilos.
  1. I am going to do the Waihi mountain (well it looks like one to me he he) and not cry the whole way like I did when I was a teenager because it was too much exercise for me.
  2. I am going to go to the surf beach and go swimming with my kids and not fear about all the surfies and what they think.
  3. I am going to walk the Karangahake gorge walk and take lots of photos.
  4. I want to stop being afraid of things and to do everything that I set my heart on.
  5. Sea Kayaking with the family and go for it on the beach up and down the waves.
Now if you know me at all or have ever known me (TRIXIE you tell them!) not one of those 5 things I have ever ever wanted to do before I lost weight in the last year. I have had so much inspiration in the last year with various people doing triathalons, duathalons, milford track and many other things like that. So I had to set some goals for me that I would enjoy but it would be a start to maybe one day doing a duathalon or something similar.

I don't know if any of you have been watching the show "Now, so you think you can dance" but they had some tap dancers on there... OMG I am going to try tap dancing... I still have to get the nerve or maybe I am feeling like I am still a little too big for it?? Hmmm I don't know I will have to think more on that.

Anyway I have rambled on too much.

Have a good night... another week starting tomorrow. Can you believe it is almost March argghh

Love ya all


M said...

It sounds like you have had a lovely family weekend. The best sorts. Hope that this week is a really great motivated one for you. You can do it CM.

Felicity said...

Some fantastic goals and challenges girl and Ibeat you reach everyone of them very soon.No I haven;t known you long but from what I do know is you are determind and when u setsomthing you strive to acheive it. I am so looking forward to catching up in Apr.

Trixie said...

Hey Hun,
wow sea kayaking? sounds awesome!AND a batch?!
As always i wish only the best for you and the family, kiss them all for me and i hope young Corbin starts feeling better soon.
Luv Trix.

fitcat said...

Those are great goals CM!! Sea kayaking is absolutely the best - I went just this past weekend and it was exhilirating. We went in the late afternoon so that even though it was light out, the water was dark and as you surged along a wave, there was the white of the crest breaking and beneath that, blackness. Absolutely the best fun - you'll love it!

Emily said...

Oooh, the Karangahake gorge walk is beautiful, I'm glad you have a new challenge to work towards.

Hippygal said...

Good for you - I have just got my kayak back from Taupo, and am looking forward to getting my roof racks on so I can go out in it again :):)

Have a good week Jaxx