Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Day started off bad but got better.

Day at work wasn't the best but it was good too.

The day went fast and the best thing was leaving work he he he.

Picked up Corbin from school and I was really proud of him at reflection time he actually had his hand up to answer a question and got it right. Last year the only thing that his teacher commented on was that he doesn't participate in group activities. I put it down to the fact that he is like his Dad and he likes to think about things before he answers and by the time he has thought about what he wants to say it is over with. Sooo proud and I asked him what he thought of his new class and he said he Loves his new teacher and new class. Wow in only two days this teacher has impressed him it is great. Great things will happen for him this year... not that last year didn't because he was only 5 and reading at age 8 but if he likes his teacher then he will achieve more.

Met Kris at school and we walked back to her place and had a conversation... we both realised that since we haven't been going to the gym together like we used to we have both not gone as far as we have. We had this team thing going on! Like we worked harder or something. I am not too sure why we both work harder with each other but we do and I am sooooo glad we came back to the conclusion that we need to get back to it again. The motivation in the last couple of weeks has been all over the place that I just don't know what I am doing or what I am trying to achieve in my weight loss. All I know is that I want to lose the same amount of weight this year OR MORE.

So we did a fantastic work out tonight.
18 minutes on the bike
Squats with the swiss ball
Bicep curls
Bum lifts
Lateral Crunches
15 minutes on treamill
5 minutes on the arm treadmill
5 minutes on the recumbant bike.

When you look at it that way it isn't as much as when you are doing it but my arms and legs are feeling da pain he he he.

After our workout we went and saw Crusher and explained what we were feeling and she asked us to join in on the last two weeks of her L.E.A.N course which starts at 6am tomorrow morning ARGGHHHHHH not a good thing for me... I don't do mornings he he he but tomorrow I am getting my arse up and meeting Kris there and we are going to do this! I need something to get my backside going again. I am doing the WW thing and I am doing the exercise but not achieving and maybe the combinations aren't right for me and this will give me the push I need.

So the camping trip is over and now I have to get back to life!

Woohooo I got my Easter Leave approved today too... we are going camping for a week in the second week of school holidays woohoooo for me!

Anyway good night everyone
Love CM


Kris said...

Ready Steady Go lets go kick some butt at 6am in the morning. You have got to be kidding lol I am ready for this and we are going to make this work. See you at 6am :(

Kris :)

Lee-Anne said...

Camping is great eh CM. Has its moments for us mums but there are definitely other rewards. So does this mean you're not coming to Rotovegas for Easter?

M said...

Go you little exercise machine LOL. You are going to have some mighty fine muscles in that body of yours. Keep it up CM, you are doing really well :D

fitcat said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had a great time camping! I'm dead jealous. :D

I hear what you're saying about the gym. I'm in a rut at the moment but unlike you, I haven't had an inspiring workout like yours to help get me going again. Still, it's my own fault since I haven't been having ANY workouts!

Felicity said...

HOPE YOU'LL BE BACK FROM CAMPING BY TIME i GET UP THERE oops sorry didn't mean to yell hehehe 28th April pretty sure that is the week after school hols or at least that is how I planned it. Good to hear u r both back into working out together.