Friday, 27 May 2005

Winter Challenge

Yesterday was my day off! OMG my Wednesdays are nightmares. I have them so that I can do the things I can’t get done in the weekends done and to take my mum out but they always feel soooooo overwhelming that I cannot catch my breath.

Even walking to school to get my oldest son was a rush he he he. I did it in 20 minutes and just got there in time for the bell. I felt great going for the walk though and it was nice not to have the kids with me going there. It is sooo hard to get going but once I am walking it isn’t a problem at all.

On the walk home my son wasss sooo happy to be walking home that he held my hand and was just so talkative. It was nice to see. I am a wuss of a mum sometimes. If there is a hint of rain I will not walk to school as I don’t him to get wet. Yes I know he can get dry when he gets home or use an umbrella or coat but I don’t like it. My dad died of pneumonia and I am not going to see anyone else I love get that nasty nasty thing.

Got some transcribing done yesterday too and took my mum for her hair cut and then time just seem to flow and the day was finished.

We went up to bed all snugly to watch lost last night!! It is getting interesting now. But still frustrates me no end as to what is happening OMG I wish they would give us some more clues he he he

Nothing much to tell on the BLONDE situation apart from the fact that she is sick for second Thursday in a row so our kickboxing has been cancelled tonight… yes I can hear your voices… I am going to go to the gym at 3.30 after picking up my son and mum will watch him as I don’t like going there at night without someone with me. There has been some nasty things happening to people walking by themselves in campus lately and I don’t want to risk it. So I am getting my exercise in for today… I have to loose some more weight this week.

I went for my weigh in on Tuesday and gained 400 grams… grrrr which took me back down to 9.9 kilos… but I refused to put that here on my diary on my tracker as I am not going to go under 10 kilos he he he he… I have my monthly at the moment and got it on Monday just before the weigh in so I am going to use that as the reason he he he ALL in the mind is what I think so I am going to trick my mind to not let it gain that weight and this week has to be a hum dinger to get me closer to 12.6 kilos lost (2 stone mark) and then my 15.3 kilos lost which is my 10%. It has to be achieved.

I have put my name in for the Winter challenge that Karen and Katey are doing on the We are slimming website, so I can loose my 10 kilos before 23 September (which incidentally is when my brother in law comes back from the UK) so that he can notice the difference (cross my fingers). That will take me to 133.7 kilos WOOHOOOO.

Anyway I might write some more tonight as I have to get some work done he he he


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