Friday, 6 May 2005


I just got back from the gym and did a Kick boxing class. I haven't been to one in 2 weeks and after today's session I have to keep going. I felt really good afterwards. BLONDE left after 10 minutes as her knee was giving her strife... I said to her maybe because we haven't done a class in a while she was tensing up too much that she pulled a muscle... but you know what that wasn't going to stop me tonight. I decided that I was going to do this hour and that was it.

I am sooooooooo sore now but feeling refreshed. I did miss the exercise... I went to the gym for those two weeks but only on the treadmill and didn't get as much out of it as I thought I had. I have one more kilo to loose to get to 10 kilos (22 pounds)so I want to loose that this week.

I was really down and realllllly mad with myself last night.. We had KFC for dinner. I have been craving KFC since January and so finally we caved last night... especially when I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to cook either. I know it isn't an excuse that is for sure but I did it and it is over with now so we shall see on Tuesday what the results are. I am going to do sooooo much walking this weekend to make up for it as I am angry at myself for it.

When I am out in the car I think of so many things that I can write in here about what I want to achieve like getting in to booths and chairs with arms without feeling terrible and a lot of other things but everytime I think of them I don't have a pen or paper with me and that is sooo annoying. Thinking of finding a lovely little journal to have in my purse to put things in so that I remember to put it here in my diary.

Anyway gotta go hubby wants to use my laptop for a while ho hum


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