Sunday, 29 May 2005

How do you do it?

What a rotten day!! The weather is horrible and there is was sooooo much rain. We had to drive to Te Aroha (45 minute drive) to play soccer in the morning and the rain was sooo hard that we had to slow down because we couldn't see. It was soooo funny because we got to the field and everyone was in rain coats and umbrellas and still getting wet he he he including me. My umbrella was leaking he he he

They split up in their teams and OMG my son's team won 11 to 7 woohoooo they played so well and with the practice on Wednesday showing them how to get the ball and change direction they were all trying really hard and succeeding. I was sooo proud of him. Yeah I know I say the same every week but with my little man with red hair and glasses I really honestly didn't think he would be a sporty boy he he he but he is proving me wrong and I am glad he is.

I tried to be more energetic today in doing things and not just sitting and food was ok. I have felt really bloated over the last week and think maybe it is because of my monthly but not too sure! I haven't been to the gym in two weeks and can't seem to get the motivation to go! I am using excuses I know...

But on the other hand on Friday night and Saturday night before bed I have been doing my exercises with the dumb bells and the swiss ball and the fit strip that my gym instructor gave me so at least I am doing the resistance trainging even though I have to get some cardio in my life. It has been raining too much to go for a walk. I know I could go for a walk but I reallllllllllyyyyyyy hate getting wet. I might go for a walk tonight and just get out in this rainy weather..hmmmm we shall see.

I am doing some transcribing for the Uni at the moment. I have a contract (apart from my permanent job) and it is driving me crazy. You can hardly hear what the people are saying and I only get like a half an hour here and there because of the kids. I have 6 tapes to do and each hour of tape I get paid 3 hours but at the moment it is taking me longer than 3 hours as I am not used to it. I suppose the more practice the better I will get.

It is 12 midday here and it looks like a break in weather out there. There is a little bit of blue sky hmmmm lets hope it stays for a while.

Our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up in November and we still haven't decided where we are going! I want to go away but then again I don't. I am afraid of going away! I haven't told my hubby this but with all the plane crashes and people getting done for drug trafficking (like Shappell Corby (not sure if I have spelt it right) in Bali)) and I don't think she did it... I really don't think she did but she got 20 years in a overseas prison. I just don't want some arsehole doing that to me. Yes I know that I can't live my life worrying if that sort of thing will happen but I love my family and my life and the thought of something like that happening well it makes me nervous.

I haven't gotten worse since my Dad died 5 years ago. Life is precious and I don't want my kids missing out on having time with me. I fret when we go away even for a weekend without them. I trust my mum to look after them I mean she is with them every day but she can't drive and she sometimes is more worried about the cleaning and laundry to know what they are doing. It worries me and I have said something to her but she just gets angry and says it has to be done... yes it does but when you spend the whole day doing it every day and all week then it worries me that the children will get into trouble and she can't handle it.

OHHHH there is some light out there!!! not so dark.. keep your fingers crossed for me.
I have to get off my backside!! I have to get up and go and do something energetic I just don't want to... how do all of you get up and do it... Leenie I mean 5am in the morning HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO IT I would be a wreck by the end of the day and then you do more... can you give me some of that enthusiasm please PLEASE.

On that note I am going

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