Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Getting it Out!!

I want to feel positive again! I want that rush again of feeling that everything is going well. This job thing over my head is making me see things all wrong and I don't know how to get out of it.
BLONDE said to me in the car last night on the way to the gym that.... ok let me set the scene first...

BLONDE met a guy on the internet dating and started dating him. She introduced me to him and came to find out that my hubby's brother used to be best friends with him. Nice guy, can talk a mile a minute (but I think that is because he is nervous) and they have been seeing each other... but every monday... yep every monday she finds something that she doesn't like about she doesn't have her independence or he talks to much or GET THIS gives her too much affection... I mean too much affection hmmmm that just does my head in.

Well for the last 4 weeks everyday she has been going on about everything that is wrong with him etc but still wants to work it out with him. I don't know if it is just her wanting me to give her attention on this because it is every day she is saying this or what? I get confused.
I mean I really like the guy for her.. he is geniune and he is kind and funny and owns his own business (so isn't a dummy either). Willing to change things so that it makes her happy. Perfect as far as I am concerned...

I have been waiting for weeks for her to tell me what I know she is worried about and that is that he is a big boy! He has skinny little legs etc but a beer gut!!! but as far as I am concerned that shouldn't be a problem. Last night she finally came out with it that it is niggling at her... I basically said that she has to stop being such a snob! There is nothing wrong with the guy he treats you well and you know that you can't love someone after only 4 weeks it takes time.

During this whole episode (every day for the last 4 weeks) she doesn't even once ask how I am going with work or the kids or anything else... I feel like I am aunt aida or something... I should be a columnist helping people with their problems he he he he.

I had a phone call from my oldests sons school this morning saying that he refuses to have his meningitis shot OMG not today is all I kept thinking. I find it really hard to get a park at work and finally got one this morning and have to give it up to go and hold him for his shots.... I know he is scared but there are a 1,000 kids having the same injection. I felt sooooo sorry for him while holding him to have it but he did it and he is only 5 poor wee man. So it took me 45 minutes to find a park when I got back to work ho hum.

I really am getting this angry feeling when I can't go for a walk lately. Finding it hard with winter to get the motivation... I am such a wuss when it comes to getting wet... so if it is raining I refuse to go for a walk and getting really lazy. I have to get out of that aye!!! Think I might take the chance to go to the gym tomorrow on my day off... might be good for me.

Find it really hard with the kids to get out for my walk and going with them frustrates me no end because we stop and start and I can't get a good flow going. I do go for walks with them but it is much easier to get the exercise done when they aren't with me.

Anyway I have blabbled so much today it is unbelievable. It is good to get it off my chest and not hold it in and I think in the last couple of weeks I have been using my diary wrong... it all started so that I can keep a track of my weight loss and also for me to vent so that I don't hold on to anything....

OK thanks for listening

Ciao for now


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