Sunday, 15 May 2005

Wanna See Me?

Hey guys...

If you want to see progress pictures please give me your email and I will forward the web address of where it is!

I am not announcing them unless I know who you are because I don't want BLONDE or other people I am not happy with see them. It is a really personal thing to me and would like to control who gets the address.


Well this is later on! What a day I have had today. We had to drive to R@glan this morning as my oldest son was playing soccer at 10am. It was a 40 minute drive so we had to get up early to organise a picnic and all of the soccer stuff. BLONDE and new boyfriend decided to come along too, but decided to go in their own car. That suited me down to the ground because I don’t think I could have had her son around us too long as I would have just wanted to strangle him.

We got there and my son was put in his team. He played so well today and I was shouting on the sideline encouraging all the boys on our side. They got a goal… they got a goal!!! OMG I jumped up so much I thought I was going to put a hole in the ground he he he he. He played so well…..
the ball was kicked to him and he just kept running and kicking the ball until he came to the goal and it missed but OMG all the parents were screaming sooooo loud as they were excited that he was getting away from the other boys. Well they didn’t win the game but hey got a goal and they did soooo well. Woohooooo

He got Player of the Day!!! He was sooooo proud you wouldn’t believe! My son got a certificate and a little card to get him free French fries from McDonalds everytime he buys a burger… he was more proud of the McD’s card ho hum than the certificate but we were sooo proud.

Went to the playground to sit and have lunch afterwards and that was good… except for blondes boy packing a big fit because he didn’t want lunch… and yes you guys guessed it!!! She didn’t make him eat his sandwiches and tried to bribe him with chips and sweets to get him to come and sit down and yep he didn’t!!!! he did what he pleased!!! I just want to strangle her sometimes and hate having her and her son around my kids as they think that they can do the same thing NO NO NO that is not going to work with me. You could see that her new boyfriend was angry because her son was being a little shit!!! Then when we went for a walk over the bridge and up to the shops she brought him an icecream… I brought my kids one too but THEY deserved it because they sat nicely and ate their lunch unlike her child.

Well after all that we got home about 2pm and made a lovely casserole for dinner and was enjoying just spending time at home relaxing… then the phone call happened!!! Drama was about to start!!! YES you guessed it BLONDE phoned crying on the phone!!

(little background… she has been going out with this guy for 4 weeks. I like him he is really nice and is caring and generous and kind and owns his own business, but he is a big boy and she has been being shallow about the whole thing. She did a list of what she wants and apart from the weight thing every other quality he has. I have told her that she is being shallow and a snob and that not everything is handed to her on a plate. She chose good looking guys for her ex husband and her ex boyfriend and did they work out!! NO and they were complete arseholes)

SSSSOOO now that you have the background (sort of) she phoned crying to tell me she broke up with him. I mean OMG in the matter of an hour what could have gone so wrong!!! He ate something when they went out and she didn’t like how much he ate (cow) She phoned to tell me and she knew what I would say I said “how shallow can you be… sorry but you can’t expect me to be on your side about this” I was pissed to tell the truth… if she was being like that about him what did she think of me (I am bigger than him). She hung up. I phoned and the phone was off the hook and then I phoned her cell phone and said….”that isn’t fair BLONDE you knew what I would say! You knew I wouldn’t have agreed with you but you phoned anyway” she said yes… well I said “I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t tell you would I” she said that he told her to ring me when he was gone.

So I rung him! I said that I was sorry about BLONDE and he was hurt and couldn’t believe that she was sooo shallow but he didn’t want to break up with her. This guy! I tell you has gone through so much in his life (with brain surgery from a mad man putting an axe in his head and went through reconstructive surgery that you couldn’t tell what had happened)but was willing to sort it out even though.

Well BLONDE came to our house this morning and had dyed her hair reddy brown and so on the phone with her boyfriend he said “I really like the colour of her hair but OMG he she trying to be you” I was dumbfounded… I didn’t say a word and he said “are you there?” I said “yes… I am here but didn’t think that anyone else saw that” he said that she told him that she was jealous of mine and my husband’s relationship and she is looking for the same and that she wants a husband just like mine.

OMG OMG I just went silent and he said “that is between us” I said “yes”. There were so many things he confided in me that I just couldn’t believe. One of them was that her son was a little brat and that she bribed him so much with lollies and things instead of disciplining him and keeping consistent… this guy is sooo on to it you wouldn’t believe. While I was on the phone she texted him 5 times and I said to him that he needs to think about what he wants before he replies to her because all the demands in the last couple of weeks she has given him he has tried to change for her! It was time he thought about what he wanted.

Yes this has been a long story! But they talked and he phoned me to say he didn’t tell BLONDE that we had talked and that they were going to give it another try. She phoned later on to say she had been to the doctor’s and he had given her Valium and something else… She is already on antidepressants and now this… how much more does she have to dull before she sorts out her life and go and find some help from a professional.

Why would she do this to herself? I mean she can’t have what me and my husband have!! BLONDE and boyfriend are different people from us! We work because we do!!! Because we work hard at it!! Because we are best friends, because we love each other, respect each other and because we are not unrealistic about what we want in life and in our marriage. That we are best friends and can talk about anything with each other and never have secrets, everything is open and up front.

Sorry that I have written so much but had to get it off my chest! I just couldn’t believe how shallow a friend of mine could be and also how someone that I hardly know can pick up what me and my husband have known for ever! If she keeps this guy then she will not be disappointed because he notices things and he still wants to sort things out! I think about it and then think that this poor guy would be better off finding someone that appreciates him.

Good night


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