Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Weigh in and Larengitis

Thank you for all listening to me.. venting a lot lately.

Well I went for my weigh in tonight and was off sick today with larengitis (spelling??).

Well I went thinking I was going to gain but I didn't I lost 200 grams... woohooo I am happy now but couldn't believe it at the time. So 9 kilos lost now and I reakon it is better that it is off than on. People keep reminding me that the slower I loose it the longer I will keep it off so hey I am SLOWLY loosing this.

BLONDE has gained in the last 4 weeks but tonight stayed the same so at least she isn't loosing more than me woohoo

OK This week is going to be an up one OK!!! OK!!!

Will update more tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

keep up the good work