Tuesday, 10 May 2005

I want to come back

Ok.. this is the second entry for today.

I am sorry for all you guys having to read my diary the last couple of weeks... what a change in personality I have had.

I have to sit back and think how wonderful my family is and how lucky I am to have them and if I have to I will get a job somewhere if not hey there are other options I am sure.

My diet in the last couple of weeks sucked and I cannot blame anyone but myself for my declining motivation. I have to get off my ass and stop using these excuses.

We went to the gym tonight and got all the way there and BLONDE forgot her sneakers so I we couldn't go in. I couldn't go without her because she brought me there.

I did go for a walk around the lake again this weekend and made myself go faster (because my mother in law came with us he he he... )

I am going to do more to help myself. I want this 20 kilos off this year!!! I have to do it!! not for anyone but myself.

Anyway diary... I'm back.... I hope


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