Sunday, 22 May 2005

Brat Boy


I'm back! Well on Thursday and Friday I was really sick with the flu and didn't go to work or do anything but sleep. But feeling better today apart from the horrible cough.

Yesterday was a full on day for me.... I suppose Saturday's are really. We had to get up early to make the shopping list as the day was full and we wouldn't have been able to come back and make the list and go out shopping.

Yep you guessed it another soccer game with oldest son! Yeah I know I go on about it a bit but I am so proud of him. Little background... I have a little red head with glasses and I just never thought that he would get into a contact sport but he is a little cutie!!! His team did sooooo well yesterday. They have 14 in the team and the split the team into 2 and then play two games. So my sons team played and within 2 seconds (I kid you not) they had a goal... OMG they were soooo excited one of the boys was crying (5 year olds huh) but it was a joyas cry because he went to sleep that night telling his Dad that he was going to get a goal he he he and he did...
Then my boy!! OMG he went after a ball that the opposite team had and then they got it back and then he got it back from them and WAMMMMMYYYYYY nothing but net!!! he got his first goal of the season!!!! he was soooo wrapped and the parents were screaming with joy on the sidelines... woohoooooo. So there I am proud of him again... The game ended with a tie... 3 each side. BUTTT the other half of our team got 11 nil... so our whole team did fantastically!
Then when we finished that we went to a country craft fair and looked around. You can get some great fruit for sooo cheap at those and the crafts are really cool too.

Took the kids and my mum home and they stayed while hubby and I got groceries. Did I ever tell you how much I hate groceries!!! Well I do ikkkyyy but it had to be done! We shop a fortnight so at least it isn't every weekend.

Then we had to cook dinner because BLONDE and boyfriend and her brat of a son was coming over for dinner.

OMG I will never invite her over again until she can discipline that child. My two were little nightmares around him and they were just playing up. He wouldn't go to sleep and was screaming so it was like 9pm before he went to sleep and that was only because she laid beside him to get to sleep... and you wanna know why that is!???? because he doesn't sleep in his own bed (he has one and his own room) but he still sleeps with her at 4 years of age!!! she was supposed to get him out of that a year ago.... her boyfriend (while she was getting brat to sleep) said that the other night when she asked him to stay the night had brat boy in the bed with them. He was uncomfortable about it all night and it wasn't at all the right thing to do! I mean come on!!! what is wrong with BLONDE has she got a screw loose or something?

So finally brat boy went to sleep and we had a game of Rapidough!!! FANTASTIC GAME it is pictionary with playdough.. I know I know it sounds weird but it is the funniest game. It is where you play in twos and your partner has to sculputure the word from the play dough and the first team to get it wins. It is a fantastic game. Then we taught them how to play Canasta and BLONDE looked like she was in a mood and didn't want to play but when we finished the first game she wanted to play again... 2am came and BRAT boy was crying and telling mummy that she had to sit with him and had to do this and that and she did... my mum (who lives with us) couldn't keep her mouth shut and said to him "you are spoilt! Your mummy spoils you" BLONDE didn't say a thing but you could see she wanted tooo... and her boyfriend kept hitting me on the knee to say OMG everyone here sees the same thing as me... he was so happy that someone said something.

So he emailed me (when he got home at 3am and said that he told her he wasn't staying again like that it wasn't right... and she said that from Monday brat boy will be in his own bed and he said YEAH RIGHT!

I am glad that he isn't stupid and he sees these things... and I think he must be a greater man than others because in spite of that he likes her so maybe he might be good for her.

OH Well

Food wise hmmmm not too sure. I haven't tracked but still haven't been that bad but don't think I will be loosing this week as I don't feel like it.. plus the dreaded monthly is coming ho hum.
Thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully this is the last cold for a while I have had two in the last month and don't want another he he he



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