Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Mothers Day Weekend

I can’t say that I am not going to get made redundant but today at work nothing has been said so far (only 11am now). I am upset because it got around that 200 staff will have to go from the University and I so don’t want it to be me. But I have come to the conclusion that I can’t do much about it, but I am a worry wart… really scared to spend a cent for fear we are going to need it.

I had a really good Saturday…my 5 year old had his first soccer game and I was sooo proud of him you wouldn’t believe. He played so well for a little man that has glasses.. he went for the ball and ran a lot and was ok about the sub off and on and he was the first injured too and had blood gushing everywhere from his knee and was crying but he got right back up there and played again so that his team mates could have a break. I was taking photos of him and his team mates before and he rolled his eyes and said “she is forever taking photos guys.. can’t get her to stop” OMG I laughed my head off.. I suppose I am a bit of a photo-aholic he he he but can’t get the memories back if you don’t have something to remember them by. The played well but didn’t win but that was ok… I am a soccer mum now and the team did well for only two practices.

Got a compliment from BLONDE too, after the game as she came and she said that she could tell I have lost weight when she looked at me today…OMG blow me over.. that was the nicest thing she has ever said to me.

Mothers day was good and relaxing and felt privileged that they were my kids. Hubby and kids made a really nice bath with candles and bubbles and put a chick flick DVD in for me to watch and it was fantastic… Hubby made a turkey for dinner (didn’t cook it at Xmas because we won one already) so that turned out sooo well and had hubby’s mum over too.

I still have the worst tummy ache you could imagine and I have been off my food this week because of worrying (geesh I should stop it). I have eaten so much crap in the last week I am disgusted in myself.


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