Saturday, 7 May 2005

Soooo depressed

OMG I am not having a very good morning. There have been announcements today on redundancies happening here. Five I.T. people will be told by the end of the month and they just made redundant all the caretakers... ALL OF THEM (there is like 20 of them).

I have been made redundant 2 times and I don\'t want to go through it again. It is scarying the hell out of me today. I know that they haven\'t come to me yet and said that I am to be made redundant but that doesn\'t mean it won\'t happen. The Dean (new American guy grrr) was pushing our chairperson to cut costs and the Chairperson wasn\'t keen (just want to kiss his feet he he he) but I am not too sure if he has been pressured more or not!

We just make it on our wages as it is... I can\'t cut anything out of our budget to make it work and where am I going to find a job that it is good with the hours like this one? I like the people I work with and I don\'t mind the job and I like my boss.

I am a worry wart and I know it but don\'t know what to do! I am scared... sooooo scared that if things don\'t work that we will have to sell the house. I love my house and with my mother living with us it is just the right size and we can all get space. We would also have to take QSon out of the creche.. he is in there two days a week and soooo enjoys it.

I know it sounds selfish but for the first time in my life I like my life, my job and my family and it feels like it is going to be turned upside down again.

Why does this sort of thing happen. I mean years ago redundancies weren\'t hardly heard of and people could find jobs but now.... OMG

Anyway a depressed ChubbyMum signing out.

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