Saturday, 28 May 2005


I don’t know what is wrong with my hair colour!! I mean I dyed it last night and no one noticed again… I mean last time they didn’t notice either… It is RED for crying out loud not the sandy colour I usually have and I like it.. my kids said this morning they liked it and they noticed yet others didn’t… it is not a harsh red just a browny red and it makes me feel happy and vibrant.
Went to morning tea with BLONDE and her boyfriend and they didn’t say anything either… but mind you I didn’t think that BLONDE would notice as she never tells me when she notices so I don’t know why I bother.

Another lady we usually have morning tea with that came to get a coffee but had to go was the only person that noticed and she said she really likes it. She is a conservative person so that felt good to know that it wasn’t too much for me as she wouldn’t have said she liked it if she didn’t.
I might put a photo later on tonight (I am writing this in the morning) of what it looks like.
Do I ramble on too much about BLONDE? We didn’t go to the gym again last night as she had the day off sick once again. I swear for such a paranoid person about what goes in her mouth she is forever getting sick. So I didn’t go last night.. I know I know but if you read last nights diary you will understand why I didn’t. But I am going after I pick up my son from school today. My mum said she would watch him while I went and then picked up hubby.

I feel like life is rushing away from me lately. I mean it is going to be the 6th month in a matter of a couple of day… 6 months already ARGHHHH.

The winter blues I think has hit most of the diaries I read.. including me. Posts aren’t being written as much as they were in the summer. I so know how they feel… sometimes it is just too cold to do anything and all ya wanna do is blob.

I have been really laxed about tracking in the last month and about doing exercise.. and it is catching up on me. I mean one of the diary ladies I read is Jaxx (what an inspiration she has been this week) she lost 2.9 kilos OMG OMG I wish that I could loose that amount.

I want to get into the 130’s so much and I can taste it but it isn’t happening. Yeah I know I will get there as everyone keeps saying but OHHHH I want it to hurry he he he. I still can’t believe that I used to be 153.7 and now I am in the low 140’s and soon to be the 130’s Yeahhhhaaaaaaa.
My goal is to get to that 120’s and feel lighter and be able to wear some clothes that aren’t as baggy. I know 120 is still big but for me it is skinny he he he.

How do I get the motivation back that I had? I don’t want to fall on the wayside I want to keep this going. The ladies I work with still ask how I went on Tuesday’s (every Thursday as I don’t work Wednesday’s) so it is nice they still care!

Am I writing too much in my diary?

I sometimes wish there was someone my size was here in Hamilton that I could go to the gym with or walk with that understands what I am going through.

Sometimes I wish I was living down in Wellington just so I could go and walk with the girls down there or that I can go on their monthly coffee thing!! Why isn’t there anyone out there reading my journal from Hamilton he he he. But then again would I spend time with them? Would I get sick of the competition? And as usual back off? I never know what to say sometimes to people.
I find it so much better to email. I am very much an email aholic sometimes and love to find out about people. I am not really a person that likes getting jokes.. too much and I just biff them before reading them…..

Anyway enough of my babble.

Been good today with food so far… .had 2 toast with Jam and a coffee for breakfast so that isn’t too bad!!


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