Thursday, 12 May 2005

Over 10,000 Steps

Wednesday was such a full on day I didn’t stop all day!!


8am I had to take hubby to work and then son to school and talked to his teacher for a while as she wants me to do some parent help every Wednesday again as she said she and the children have missed it so that was fantastic.

8.40 went back home to have some time with mum and see if there was anything she wanted to do today and she said no just want to putter around home.

9am went to TGirls to go for a walk and it was a nice walk we went around a new subdivision and also looking at her section where they were going to build. Went back to her place for a iced coffee (don’t worry it was low fat everything he he he) and went out to get her son from kindy and then got sushi for lunch and watched Dr Phil he he he he was a nice time had by all.

1.30 went home to see how mum was and asked if she wanted to go out but she didn’t so we did house work and I got Corbin’s stuff ready for soccer practice.

2.30 went to school to pick up oldest son and spent some time there watching a power point presentation that the kids managed to do for the parents. Corbin was sooo proud and he kept looking at me for approval he he he. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

3.45 Took Oldest Son to his soccer practice and kicked the balls back in for them to practice and talked with the mums about the game this weekend in Raglan OMG I don’t feel like driving for 45 minutes but ho hum has to be done. Game went till 4.45

4.45 Drove over to get hubby from work and then went to the other side of town to pick up youngest son from Creche.

6pm Got home!! OMG the traffic was atrocious that is for sure.

So I had to get a shower, cook dinner, bath the kids and take my mum to Bingo before 7.10pm so that I can pick up one of the mums for our 6 weekly dessert and wine night out!

Got to the Cock and Bull at 7.30 and then all the mums started to arrive it was a great night and I saved up points for a piece of cheesecake WOHOOOO but it was sooo rich I didn’t manage to eat it all. Ho hum.

Got home at 10.45 and went to bed and couldn’t sleep so I read till 11.15 and then managed to get to sleep… OH forgot to mention hubby was in the bath with a drink when I got home luckkkky sod he he he.

I know it doesn’t sound like much but I didn’t stop all day and I was buggered this morning.
Feeling like I am on my way back to loosing this weight. I have 1 kilo to loose this week to get to 10 kilos and it is going to happen!

BLONDE has gained in the last 5 weeks. Before I went down to Wellington she managed to loose a total of 7 kilos and now she has only lost 3 kilos… so we have to get her back on track.
10,120 steps done today!!!26 points eaten.

Positive thing for me today: Being a soccer mum and my son wanting me to be there! Watching him actually go for the ball and not be afraid of it… my little monkey has red hair and glasses and I always feared he wouldn’t like sports… but he gave it a go today and got the ball off another boy and went for the goal OMG I was shouting so much I had a sore throat and I was sooo proud and the parents were screaming a laughing too… they couldn’t believe it either Woohooo son!

BYE for now


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