Monday, 18 January 2016

Weigh in - Oops haven't posted in a while

Highest Weight: 160 kgs
Start Weight 2 January 2016: 145.6 kgs (320.3 lbs)

  • Weight Last week: 144.8 kgs (318.5 lbs)
  • Weight This week: 143.9 kgs (316.6 lbs)
  • Lost this week: 900 grams

Total lost since 2 January 2016 : 1.7 kgs (3.7 lbs)

I didn't realise that it has been a week since updating my blog.  Also for some reason the comments want to be monitored by me when I didn't have that happening.

It has been a lot harder being back at work and trying to be good with food.  I decided that I am not having snacks in between meals as it was doing my head in so I am having good main meals and if I want something sweet I will have it after dinner.

With my head right at the moment and thinking that I am going to lose 500 grams a week and not worry about how much I have to lose. If I don't lose a kilo I used to get mad so it has been better for me.


Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

Wonderful loss! Keep up the good work.

Tracy said...

Well done, 1.7 for the month - so far:-).

Chubbymum said...

Thanks Melissa and Tracy. It feels great to have 2 weeks in a row weight loss. I am just want to keep it going

Chris H said...

Well done... it's so much harder in summer I reckon! I can't exercise in this bloody heat!

Tracy said...

Heya, must be time for an update :-). Hope you are all good & happy.