Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Coramandel drive

Got up so early this morning to drive Quinn up to his Grandparents (well up to the camping ground they are managing for the next month in summer)  It takes 4 hours from our place to get to Otautu Bay in the Coromandel

Charlie and I in the front passenger seat.  

Nosy dog hates it in the back of the car.  Spoilt brat.  He got up and down and up and down on the seat so many times I wanted to strangle him lol.

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Driving up to Coromandel

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Beautiful isn't it.  
  Top of the hills 
Quinn and I on the beach.  My hair is all over the place. 
 I look soooo fat and squinting GEESH!! 

Grrrr hate photos and hate it more when your youngest son 
is taller than you at 14 years old.

When we got to Jeremy's Dads we all went for a walk along the beach.

 Jeremy (hubby) and step mother on the beach.  She hates photos as well but at least she can wear shorts and not feel bad in them lol.  Great person.  Love how relaxed she is.  Love spending time with her.
Jeremy's Dad pointing out the tourist spots and just so proud to show us around the Bay,

Pohutukawa Tree was just beautiful I had to take a photo.

I cannot say food was wonderful today to be honest.  Not happy with myself on that.  Back to it tomorrow.

I did do a lot of walking and lots of sitting.  I have done so far 7,603 steps so far so I have managed to get my 6,000 steps at least today.  I did more.  

Have a great night everyone.  Hopefully your day was better?


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Tracy said...

I really like the photo of you & your son. Both my kids are heaps taller than me too :-).