Monday, 4 January 2016

Brought a new toy today

Got up late today as we are on holiday until the 11th.  SUCH FUN

I had a problem with my computer and it crashed so I couldn't do anything on it and Jeremy said let's go and look at a new one for me.  Corbin has had two computers since I got mine and so yayyy it was my turn.

We went to Harvey Norman to look at some as they had a 5 year no interest deal on.  There were so many computers and so many prices that I didn't know what to choose.  Jeremy (being a computer consultant) told me the choices but I didn't want a new computer that was the same as my computer I had now.  I wanted a laptop with the side number pad but also a touch screen as what is the point of getting a new one without the bells and whistles.

Arghhh so so so many different computers and they all look the same.  So I said I would come back as it was just too much.  I mean did I need to spend that much money on a computer really?  Should I just get mine fixed bla bla bla.  I needed to get out and Jeremy said let's go to another shop and see what they can offer.

One of Corbin's friends is working there in the holidays and managed to get us a deal.  Now I didn't tell him that they were already cheaper by $480 and he got another $200 off it and asked what we thought that deal was like... I said I will take it lol.... so funny as he thought we were joking and also he gets commission so he was in heaven but he sooo didn't realise that I was also. I mean $680 off the price arghhhh.

So I have a touch screen laptop with big screen and light as and the keys light up when using them but go dark when not using them... and the keys don't stick woohooooo.

Teenagers were sooo jealous.  We also brought a laptop for Quinn as he hasn't had one in 3 years as he ruined his one grrrr and I refused to buy him one so he has been using ours for things.  I said I would pay for it but he would pay us back for half.  He is DJ'ing so gets money so it will take a while but that is ok.  Have to teach him the value of money.

I have been good with tracking my food and a comment tonight at a friends place (as we went out for dinner) was you are being good.  I was..... there was chips, dips, nuts sitting in front of me grrrr and I was so tempted but didn't.  I had dessert but asked for a small plate and I got a small plate it was good for me.  I am learning.  Even lunch was subway as I wanted to choose wisely.

I hope you are all doing well.  Tracy are you going to be blogging?  Ally.... can you email me at chubbymum @yahoo . co . nz?

Hope you all had a great day.

I did.

Steps sucked today 5840 only and I did get out for a 20 minute walk with the dog.  That is ok.  I feel great anyway.

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Tracy said...

Blog updated, I will try & be a regular blogger :-).