Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Another post

Another day full on but not sure what we did.

I managed to track my food and I am under my daily points yay.  I had a lot of food and by dinner felt really full and still stayed under points.

Loving my new computer.  I pointed on the screen to my husband and forgot that it was a touch screen arghhhh need to get used to that.

I read the following post from Kathy was a great post that I wanted to put on here.  I totally get it because all my life I have felt like this but it is just getting worse and worse as I get older and the fear of losing my mum and my job and I am always anxious about everything.  Work tells me how great I am and I have been promoted and promoted in the last 8 years and I still don't believe that I am good enough.    I just don't know how to change how I react.  I love the way she articulated this post.  Well done Kathy.

Spent the day looking at carpets, curtains and lounge suites as we are updated our lounge.  I have had the same for 14 years now when we built our house and I need to update it now.

We figured we will get the carpet in first and then look at the rest after.  It is exciting as we can change the whole look of the room and it is a room we spend a lot of time in and so do guests.  I have a lot of autumn colours at present with reds, golds, beige and accessories are black.  Hmmmm writing that doesn't sound good but it does look good and friends that came over tonight don't know why we are changing but we need a change.  I want to go to a black leather lounge suite with neutral cream carpet, and the accessories to be orange and teal.  Hmmmm I know it sound weird but I have seen what I sort of like.

I want to put some photos on here but have none on my computer and still trying to get used to it.

Got back and took Charlie for a walk and I was sweating like a pig with the heat but felt so much better for it.

My aim for a couple of months is to reach 6,000 steps a day because in my job I just don't make it every day.  So any exercise is good exercise so I will give it what I can to make this work.

I feel like I am back on track with blogging and with tracking and this year is going to be great.

Hope you all are doing great as well?

Love CM

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AllyS Melb said...

I really like the sound of your colour scheme. Teal is my favourite colour, and we have two of our living areas with that as an accessory colour. One has a black lounge with teal and grey cushions and accessories and the other has a white leather suite with teal and brown. Look forward to seeing your pics with the orange!