Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saturday Weigh in

Highest Weight: 160 kgs
Weight Last week: 145.6 kgs (320.3 lbs)
Weight This week: 144.8 kgs (318.5 lbs)
Lost: 800 grams (1.8 pounds)

I am so happy with that.

Christmas and being home all day which is hard with all the food.  Plus with the rain the last week I haven't got off my arse to go for a walk.

Hmmmm I should have done more but had a depressed week and sat down instead and thought of ways to sort out my mind as this is what is letting me down.

My aim is for 500 grams a week and I did more.  If I lose 500 grams per week that is 26 kgs in a year.

Went for a walk with Charlie and Jeremy this morning for 30 minutes... man it was hot out there at 10 am.

Took mum out to Frankton markets today and what a let down that was.... it was deserted and not many stalls.  Grrrr.

Got home and thought what a lovely day to go for a bicycle ride OMG NOT!!!!! I haven't gone on the bike in such a long time and when I brought the bike I was down to 119 kgs grrrrr and so unfit.  Going up the hills almost killed me.  The heat almost killed me and I almost killed me lol.  We went for 32 minutes.  But I did it and I will do it faster and better next time.  Baby steps baby steps CM.

Got back and went for a swim in our pool, man we needed that.

I am getting back in to this blogging thing.

I was a little worried about getting back to blogging since it has been 8 years since I stopped but I think it is better to write it than to bottle it.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.


Tracy said...

Well done on your loss this week :-). Mine was a paltry 100grams.

AllyS Melb said...

800g is a good effort! Don't forget that weight loss is 80% what you eat, and 20% exercise, so don't kill yourself with the exercise, at least not until the weather cools down!

Chris H said...

Good loss... keep it up and you will be where you want to be come next summer. OH a pool...I hope we can find a house with a pool once we move.