Friday, 22 May 2015

Weigh in day

It was a long day travelling to conference today and got up at 4 am as we need to travel by 6 am.

First things first woohooo I lost weight this week wohoooooo

Last week: 141.7 kg
This week: 140.3 kg
Lost: 1.4 kg wohoo

The conference was great.  I got so many compliments from Business Mangers and my boss as well re my work and getting to be asked to do more senior stuff now.  Going to head office on the 4th to deal with the end of funding as my boss said yesterday she classes me as senior staff and so things are going really well with that.

In the conference yesterday a lady that went with us said that at her table when they were chatting (as they mixed us all up yesterday) with a Business Manager from my region that the Business Manager pointed at me and said to the table "she doesn't realise how good she is and I need to work out a way to get it in to her head" WOW..... that was really nice.... I felt really great when the lady at the table said what was being discussed.

Was asked to get up and present a thank you gift to the speaker today and I was so nervous about it but it went ok.

Got to get together with friends that I haven't seen in a while at the conference and the day went really well.

Food was ok and didn't go overboard

J brought me a case for my 8* tablet yesterday and I am loving it as it is easier to hold it when in bed and also protects it a lot more.  I am on it now blogging.  The little keyboard is fantastic.

Anyway off to read some blogs.
Have a great day

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