Monday, 25 May 2015


Work today was a lot better.  One of the ladies I work with was away and the office was so much lighter.

The weekend food sucked to be honest and the terrible weather made it harder to keep to it.

The decluttering was great and better than sitting on the couch doing nothing.

I am getting better and blogging again and knowing that I need to get it out.

Maybe that is what the secret was for me was blogging.

I want to lose this weight so much.  I feel like it isn't going fast enough but I need to go back to basics and realise that it didn't come off that fast the last time and so it won't come off fast this time.

It is frustrating... so frustrating and I have spent the night looking for blogs that were inspiring but got more and more frustrated because these wonderful ladies and men have lost the weight and they are inspiration but I want someone that is going through losing the same amount of weight as me and to go through it with them.  I can't seem to find anyone just starting out..... and needs encouragement. The web is so big.... hate it!!!

I am struggling tonight so much. I don't actually know what to do.

I want to go in the kitchen and eat food but I know it isn't what I really want.  I am wanting to eat the food because I am bored.

Anyone else going through the same thing?


Tracy said...

Yes yes yes, I made a promise NO CHOCOLATE this week, right now I would kill for some. I am sure it is just habit, kids and husband in bed and I have a few minutes to myself which is when I tend to bring out the chocolate.

We can do this :-)

Tracy said...
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Chubbymum said...

LOL Tracy. I didn't go in to the kitchen and hope you didn't either.