Sunday, 24 May 2015


Feels great to be blogging again.

As I have said before I have been so hesitant to go back in to blogging.

Late yesterday decided to go through my clothes drawers upstairs and declutter them.

I am loving this book I brought this week called Lose the Clutter Lose the Weight.  Finding that is is making so much sense.  I feel happier with cleaning the drawers upstairs and my bedroom is looking so much better. Need to work on the walk in closet next.

Got up early this morning as Quinn had an Inline Hockey game at 8.30 am and they won their game 8 to 0.  Fantastic game.  His team is the top team for his age in the club and it is fantastic to watch them working as a team and passing and doing little maneuvers to get the puck around.  I was so proud of Quinn.

Groceries today sigh.... hate doing groceries

This afternoon we had out lunch at the breakfast bar and the boys were chatting about things that have been happening.  It is great that we can sit around like that and enjoy each others company.  I do love my boys they have grown up to be such great boys.

We decluttered again lol lol this afternoon.  Decided to get in to the garage and get rid of crap.  So gratifying and the garage is clean and the area around the treadmill and weights machine is free now so Quinn and I can get in there to do a workout.

So excited about getting back in to it.  I have to take it easy though because last weekend I went upstairs to get my tracksuit pants and tshirt on and pulled my back out just putting the pants on OMG what a nightmare.  I thought the world was against me when I finally wanted to get out and go for a walk with the dog and get some exercise.  It scares me to think how my back went out with such a small thing.

HI>>>> Tracy... great to have you commenting again.  It is great to see you have a blog now.  Hi Jackie.  Are you blogging again as well?

Pork roast for dinner tonight and looking forward to it as I worked hard today.

Night night


Tracy said...

I think I should try this decluttering, my house is a bomb site at the moment, there dis just never enough time to do anything with working and running kids (mainly Samyson) to and from rehearsals most days.

Maybe if I do a bit each day - thanks for the idea :-)

Chubbymum said...

Tracy..... kids aye we never have time but maybe that is where I have been failing. Without looking after me I can't look after them properly.